06 August 2013

How To improve internet Speed Of Android device

Android device makes things a lot different for the users. Several Android devices have some unusual facts that may ruin any users experience. There might be a lot of things on that list. Bad internet speed is one of them. if your internet speed is not go as it was supposed to be then you will be like throwing your phone through the windows. Some times due to some reasons phone is not able to give a appropriate speed on cellular network as well as on wi-fi. 
This might be due to bad signal strength, Software problem , Hardware problem, Phone Memory, congestion etc. But if you find your self in a condition where you are not able to decide why your internet speed is slow but if you want to improve your speed at any cost. So we have an app for you. Internet Speed Master is a tool that will allow you do that. 
Basically this tool for the rooted Android Devices because the resources it required are only available in rooted device. Although you can install this on unrooted device to but its not sure it will work on that device. we can’t say it an app because its basically an tweak patches for system files. it will change the internet resources requirements so it will provide more internet bandwidth for your browser. 
This patch will allow you to improve your download and uploaded devices. if there is any only then your speed will be increased otherwise there will not be any improvement. whenever you will launch this app if will ask for the permissions. you need to allow the requirement. 
This app interface is simple because there is not any advanced setting there is simple options in the app. ‘Apply Patch’ will apply settings to your rooted devices but fact is that this app will also allow you to restore your setting that means after applying the patch if you find yourself in the condition that there is not any effect on the internet speed then you can also restore all your settings again. so it will be like you don’t even installed this app.
If you are using this app for unrooted device. you will find that apply patch setting is totally disabled. but improve internet connection is available for you. So you can tap on it to improve your internet connection speed. But we are not sure that you will be able to see improvement in internet speed. but you will not find out until you try it.


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