31 August 2013

How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Using Droid Finder

The worst day of any user is when someday someone will find that your phone is lost. You will find yourself helpless when your phone is lost. you can't even think what should do next. where should you find your phone, should you complain about it or anything else because your life is in that phone, all your private information like Contacts, SMS, photos, emails and also some more information could be there like your financial or some business information and this could be the worst part of someones life. 
if we think about iOS there is an application that will let you track your phone and will send the information of thief to you and DROID Finder will do same for you for Android but also a extra features, Like sending the photo of thief which is taken from the front camera of the phone. There is only one thing necessary for finding a phone that phone should be connected to internet. if thief made such mistake then he will be in your hands within no time.  
Droid Finder will use Google account to monitor your device. wherever your device go its location will be shown on Google Map. so it will help you to track your phone. All of your controls will be available in Droid Finder's web based interface. you can control each and every option from its web- based interface. So you just have to authorize the app using your Google + account and you are done. It will let you find your lost phone.
You have to install the app in your android device. After installation, launch the app and tap on 'Sign in' at the top. After which you can link your Google+ account and then app will be providing you all the features like anti-theft intruder alert, SMS control, Sim Change Alert etc and will give you all the controls. Turn on all the controls you want and your phone will be in your control. You will now be able to control your phone through the internet.

Droid Finder will provide you some handy features like you can lock your device remotely. So if you find yourself in a state that you think your phone is stolen and you want that no body should access your data you with this feature you can lock your phone remotely and anyone without pin can not unlock your phone. Trigger Modes screen, which allows you choose and activate four different types of triggers: silent, medium, aggressive or custom. Like i said earlier Droid Finder will capture the photos of the thief and that photo will definitely help you to find your lost phone.

its web-based interface is quite handy and each and every option can be found easily in its control center. it will also provide you information like GPS, GSM information and you will see your Phone Location on the Google Map in the Control Center.
Go To Website Droid Finder and you have to provide access to your Google account os that maps can be accessed. you will find that control center is a simple and easy to use.

There must be some other third party apps too but none of them provides the features like Droid Finder. Like i said earlier phone must be connected to internet or any communication media. You can also send text or email to your device, delete data or lock the device etc from your phone through internet.
Its a free app. you can download it from Google Play Store.


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