11 August 2013

How to Setup 3G Network Options in Nokia Lumia Mobiles - All Networks

Many 3G service providers send automatic GPRS and MMS settings according to the smart phone as we insert the SIM. But Nokia Lumia phones doesn’t support these GPRS settings automatically. so we have to enter these details manually to get the 3G access and Internet . All the Nokia Lumia series will have a similar mobile network settings to connect the Internet. Since most of us don’t know how to enter these settings manually, we thought of writing them in detail. Please go through steps to setup your 3G network connection in Nokia Lumia.
=> How to Setup 3G Network Options in Nokia Lumia Mobiles:

If you are unable to connect the Internet from your Lumia phone, try following these simple steps to get instant access.
Step 1: Go to Settings and go to Settings.
Step 2: Click on Mobile Internet.
Step 3: You will find your active network on the first tab (Eg: Vodafone IN)
Step 4: Click on Data Connection and switch it to ON.
(This depends on the service agreement, you may incur extra changes when using data roaming.)
Step 5: Click on Data Roaming Options and Enable Roam.
Step 6: Click on Highest Connection Speed and put it on 3G.
Step 7: Click on Network Selection and put it to automatic.
Step 8: Click on edit APN and enter WWW in the APN section
Step 9: Ignore the other settings in edit APN to blank.
Step 10: Click on Done and come back to home screen.
Step 11: Restart your phone and start using the Internet.
That’s it! You have successfully entered the GPRS and 3G settings to your Nokia Lumia mobile. These APN settings are applicable to all 3G network providers like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, Aircel and Etc. You have to just follow the 11 steps which we mentioned above.
We hope this article might helped you in setting up your phone manual GPRS settings. Let us know your queries via comments in the below section.


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