28 June 2012

Windows messenger app for facebook Chat

Windows messenger app ,Its a new messenger for windows app that lets you to chat from your desktop without opening Facebook whiling doing other stuffs or using other applications on your computer.

Here you can Chat and message with your friends on Facebook,See the latest updates from your friends in ticker and Get quick notifications about what’s going on


To try out the app, just complete a one-time setup. 
(Note: Messenger will automatically install updates.)

*Select the Install Messenger option

Now Save the file and Run the app

 Now enjoy the chat from  your desktop

When you download and open Messenger for the first time, you will be logged in automatically. From then on, you'll need to log in from the app and not from your browser.

Logging In
To log into Messenger

    Click on the icon in your Windows system tray
    Once the app opens, enter your email and password

that when you click on messages, notifications or ticker items, you will be directed to your browser. If you aren't logged in, you’ll need to log into www.facebook.com to view this content.

Logging Out
To log out of Messenger

    Right-click on the icon in your Windows system tray icon in your Windows system tray and select Log out.

Privacy setting:

 The same preferences you’ve set in your privacy settings on www.facebook.com apply when you’re using the Facebook Messenger for Windows Desktop.

Procedure for uninstalling:

 Before uninstalling: If you have the app open, first exit the app by right-clicking the icon in your Windows task bar (by the clock) and choosing Exit.

    Go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program

    Select Facebook Messenger from the list
    Confirm that you are sure and if prompted, choose to automatically close the app

If the app is still running after you uninstall it, just click Exit. The app won't be installed anymore.

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Idea Free 3g plans working tested july 2012

Follow Simple Steps And get....

Send Message :     ACT3G750 to  12345

Affter some time You will get message ,that your 3g plan has been successfully activated
This trick working in 
 Karnataka , rajasthan etc..

Other Plans also Working
Try :

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-:Note :-

Try This  Trick At Low Balance

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26 June 2012

How to Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog in Windows 8 ?

Most of the Window 8 UI elements like “low battery On Screen notification”, “full screen apps”, and auto run dialog box” have been renovated because of the flourished Metro bases panels, Ribbon Explorer and Start Menu. In dialogue box the most significant change is with the copy/move conflict resolution dialog box. It seems very elegant and spontaneous and it can also be handled easily from a single Window. One more noticeable change in Windows 8 is that it no longer asks for the confirmation while deleting a file or folder. It simple means that when you hit the delete button after selection some file then it automatically sends it to the Recycle Bin without any confirmation.

Other noticeable change is that Windows 8 no longer asks you to confirm the deletion of file and folder, i.e. when you select a file/folder and hit Delete key, it sends the respective item straight to Recycle Bin without confirming the action. So in this post you can learn that how you can easily bring the Windows 8’s default file/folder delete dialog box back.
  1. First you have to right click on the Recycle Bin and then choose Properties.
  2. Now in the dialog box enable the “Display delete” confirmation option.
  3. Now you have to hit OK for applying the changes.
  4. Now after this action your Delete action will prompt you for confirmation.

24 June 2012

Uninor Free GPRS Trick July 2012

Hello Friends Today I,m Provided New Tricks. .Uninor Free GPRS Trick May 2012

Make A New Profile -

Profile Name :- HackTechFreeGprs

APN               :- uninor 

Proxy             :-

Port                :- 8080

Homepage      :- wap.myuninor.in.php.t9space.com 

Save This Setting  And Enjoy Free Gprs  .If u Like This Trick Comment  Here Also Clcik And  Subscribe And  Like Our Facebook Page..

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Airtel Free GPRS Trick July 2012

Hello Friends m give you A new trick ,This trick is working in many states of India.plz comment if this this working your states..

Create New Settings In Your Mobile Phone

Access Point (Apn)=  airtelgprs.com

Proxy/IP=  Or  Ihide.info

Port = 80

Homepage = or

Now just save the setting and restart your mobile phone and enjoy fast 3G free gprs data on your mobile and pc..I am also use this trick

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Online Making Money for 10 Best Websites

So If I Tell You The 10 Best Websites For Making Money Online Then This Article Is Change Your Life And Helps You In Making More And More Money.

Elance is the best freelancing website without a doubt. It is a U.K based website that started in 1998. Not only is it the oldest and most popular, but is also the most highly paying website.
There are more than 1.5 million contractors registered with Elance! And they post more than 60k jobs per month!So many job options, and Elance's reliability and surety of payment via various methods verily make it the best freelancing website in the world! Elance does not charge you anything for signing up. But there is a paid package that unlocks many privileges for you. But my advice is, get a free membership, and work your way into the premium one.
oDesk is number two only because it isn't just as well known as Elance. But I don't think that's fair to the site. Quality-wise, it is one of the best websites. You can look for any sort of work at oDesk.
oDesk has all the features that Elance has. But there's got to be a reason why it isn't number one itself, right? Well, there is one. oDesk is slightly lower paid than Elance. Average rates for the same kind of jobs are lower on oDesk than on Elance, but still higher than many other websites. It's a slight difference though. Apart from that, oDesk is great. Indeed a must try for beginners.
Like Elance, Freelancer is also one of the oldest freelancing platforms. It is very popular, and has more than 3.6 million users! And it has a total job count of more than 1.6 million! 
It is a good paying website, with most of the Elance and oDesk features. It has some of the best payment options, which is useful for people who don't have PayPal access in their country.
Now here's an underdog that's made its way into the top 5. And rightly so! Compared to Elance, it's a very small platform. But it is dedicated to the Programming and IT field. 
So if you are looking for coding or other computer-related jobs, then this might be the thing for you! The fact that this is a small website makes it easier for you to get a job!ScriptLance charge only a 5% on all your earnings, which is the lowest by far! Plus, there's no sign up or registration fee. Better yet, it has an affiliate program that gives you bonuses whenever one of your friends join the site through you.
Fiverr is a different sort of Freelancing website. For one, it's the workers who post jobs they are willing to do, and not the hirers posting what they want done. For another, jobs can only cost $5, one dollar from which goes to Fiverr.. 
Be that as it may, Fiverr is a very unique website, probably one of its kind. It is a micro-freelancing site, which has mini-jobs called gigs. Workers post gigs they are willing to do. Contractors then order that gig. It is best for getting your freelancing career started. Not only will you find professional jobs here, you will also find some of the most ridiculous jobs and skids you ever saw in your life! It's a must try website, especially for beginners. So get ready to be amazed by Fiverr!
I think the name speaks for itself here. Guru really is a freelancing platform guru. It is also one of the most popular freelancing websites like Elance or oDesk. And it has many similar features. The only downside though, is that if you have a free account with them, then you get a very limited number of bids you can use per month. Kind of a mood killer for such a big website. But overall, it is a very good website. You can always try out other sites while working on this one. So sign up now and utilize your bids!
vWorker is another very reputable freelancing website. It is best known for its highly scrutinized screening process, which ensures that you only get jobs relevant to your own skills.
This saves a lot of time and effort, and if you want to hire, it will provide you with highly relevant people who can do the job well. A must try for all freelancers.

(8)99 Designs
This is a design-oriented freelancing website. Contractors post design contests of various types, such as logo designing, page designing etc. Freelancers need to submit their designs. The best design wins the contest, and bags a lot of money. 
This is sort of time consuming, and a bit risky especially for new freelancers. But if you are a good artist, and if you have the potential, then you can walk off with lots of money in your pocket. Interested?
As the name suggests, this website is related to programming, web development, and other IT related jobs. This is one of the oldest such websites. It has thousands of active contractors. So if you are into programming and such stuff, then this might be the thing for you. It pays really well too.
This website is very similar to 99 Designs. It works in a similar way too. But it pays more! Only problem though, is it is somewhat hard to get selected because there is a lot of competition. Still, it made it to out top 10 list.

Mts Mblaze New Free Vpn Trick July 2012

Hello Friends Today I,m Provided New Tricks. Now Enjoy Unlimited Mts Mblaze Free Internet For 30 Days.

1:= First Download This Configure. FIles Download Config

2 = Then Register Tsunami Vpn Trial Account For 30 Days From This Link Register Here

3= Put Your User Name And Password In Config's Pass.txt File

And Enjoy Free Gprs  For 30 Days .If u Like This Trick Comment  Here

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23 June 2012

Free Download Video Template Jazzy Tube For Blogger

There are lots of blog who provide video service, But they don't like good in post format. So for a good video blog today I am posting a template for blogger, I hope all you will like it. This is such a nice template you can see in screen shot or you can see demo also.


Info of Template:

1. Designed - Maskolis
2. 4 columns template
3. Share Video on Youtube and Other Video sites
4. Post on homepage
5. Automatically detects the first screen from the video and displays as the image for the post.
6. Social share buttons are are also available.
7. Easy configuration of navigation and footer.

Twitter app for Tata docomo prepaid users

Hello friends,
Now you can  access twitter from your prepaid tata docomo connection you just need to
activate a Special Tariff Value recharge (STV), Value added service (VAS) or application via Twitter.

To use this application you will have to get your number registered by "mentioning" the Twitter handle of the company, @tatadocomo, along with #reg [Mobile Number]. On doing so, the you will get verification PIN through SMS. Then you need to "mention" the Twitter handle again, key in #code [Pincode] and you will get a retweet confirming registration.

After registering your mobile number in this application,  you can then activating value added services using Twitter. The procedure for the same is "mention" @tatadocomo and key in #act# [Service] [value]. you will get a tweet back confirming activation of the service and the amount of this service will be deducted from your current balance.  However, in this initial stage only a handful of STVs or VAS can be activated using Twitter.

Reliance Free Gprs Tricks July 2012

Hello All My  Friends , I hope you are visit my website Everday to finding  New Tricks Toady Am Give You  a Reliance Gprs 3G Trick , This  Trick is working in All Circle.

Hacked Tips For  "Rs 99 gprs plan and get 2.5 GB data free for 30  days"

1:= First Go To This Link  Click Here

2 = Submit Your Name And Mobile No.

3= You will Receive A One  Pin No. Via Sms On Your Mobile Phone

4 = Activate your plan using this link Clcik Here

5 = Enter Your Mobile No. and  Recived Pin Code , its done. 

After Some Time You Will Receive A Successful  Activation Message Of Your Gprs Plan

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14 June 2012

Airtel 2G and 3G Free Gprs Trick June 2012

Hi friends,I hope you all are Enjoy all tricks provide by me .Today m Give you a new trick For all airtel users This trick can be used in PC too.You can also surfing  free internet on your mobile phone.
This trick is also working on Airtel blocked sim card

Create New Settings In Your Mobile Phone

Access Point =  airtelgprs.com


Port = 80

Homepage =

Homepage for Blocked Sim Users =

Now just save the setting and restart your mobile phone and enjoy fast 3G free gprs data on your mobile and pc..I am also use this trick on my blocked  sim .
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free download CCleaner v3.19

CCleaner is one of the useful app for windows. Piriform released CCleaner v3.19 with some latest features and bug fixes. It saves my lots of space in disk, because clean all the useless file from system. CCleaner v3.19 adds one of the most requested feature from the removal of the UAC prompt on startup.

CCleaner Cleans the following:
  • Recycle Bin
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Third-party applications
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Recent Documents
  • Temporary files and Log files.
  • Registry cleaner

What's New in v3.19:

  • Added support for Firefox 13.0 beta.
  • Added option to skip User Account Control (UAC) warning.
  • Moved Thunderbird to be cleaned separately.
  • Improved Aurora History cleaning.
  • Added cleaning for BitDefender.
  • Fixed bug with IE8 cookies.
  • Improved Google Chrome Saved Passwords cleaning.
  • Improved Scheduled Tasks detection.
  • Improved Uninstaller Installation Date on XP.
  • Improved detection for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, VLC Media Player and Avast Antivirus 6.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Download It From Here - CCleaner v3.19

TATA DOCOMO Free 3G Trick June 2012

Hello Friends m give you A new trick ,This trick is working in many states of India.plz comment if this this working your states..

Create new internet settings in your mobile:-

Profile Name- Ht Free Gprs

I.P/Proxy Address =

Proxy Port=  8080

HomePage =

Click To Save setting and make it default setting in your mobile And Restart your phone and  follow  steps

Now open any opera handler apps. ( Download "free opera handler app" from there)

Socket Server  put these settings =

Port = 80

Homepage =

Homepage for Blocked Sim Users =

Save the setting and wait for it to load.After successfully installation browse any page.  get 3G speed on Docomo free and enjoy downloading+surfing...

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12 June 2012

Free Download UltraISO Premium Edition Full Version

Today I am going to share another beautiful small software with you. UltraISO is an small application software which is being used for Creating, Modifying, Converting & changing ISO files. Have you heard about ISO file before? If not, then I am going to tell you a little about it. An ISO file or Image is a file which is made from a DVD or CD and then it can be used anywhere as copy of  DVD/CD. You can later on modify the ISO image file as well. So there are many software used for this purpose and UltraISO is one of them. You can use UltraISO's latest version to modify your ISO files, To make duplicates of existing ISO files, to make bootable Flash USB file. Also this software has many more features to use and by using this software you will come to know the more advantages of it.

How to Download & Install UltraISEO Latest Version?

There is a downloading link below this post. You can just click on that link to download this useful software for free. After downloading this software you will need to extract it. After extracting you can use this software easily and manage all the things correctly. There is a help file in the setup you can use for getting help. 

Support Us

If you were helped by our software & Free Tutorials in Urdu language, then please help us for better serving you. You can either like our facebook page, subscribe for our daily email updates and register on this blog. We will be happy if you give us suggestions & comments. Stay Connected! God bless you All.
Download UltraISO

Free Download Ulead Video Studio Full Version 11.5

Ulead Video Studio is a beautiful powerful video editing software which is globally used by common computer users as well as Experts. I had used it myself when it was in its earlier version, I used to use its version no 11.0. But now the version 12.0 has also been released. It is very easy to use software and without any specific skills anyone can use it. You can add several text animations to your videos, you can include a large number of filters and effects to your videos. It is completely designed for video editing and you will find the real environment for edit your videos. I am recommending it to you because whatever I like, I recommend that to my readers of Onlineustaad.com, however, I am not the one who will force you to buy or to choose the things I choose for myself. You have your own choices, but I just can give you suggestions. and I also want to take suggestions from you.. That's all my buddies and you can download this software by a given link Below.

How to Install & Register Ulead Video Studio Software?

It is really really easy to install software and you don't need to worry about installation.
First you download this software by following below link, and there is a serial key in that software which can be used to register this software and to use it with full features. Finally, if you were helped by this blog, please share it with your friends & follow us by email. Stay Tuned!

11 June 2012

Download Free Fun Shooting Games

Hello friends today i searched free fun shooting games...
Shooting games are really fun. Kids love them! I wouldn’t say that kids like them so much necessarily because of the violence. I think it’s more about the whole “tag-you’re-it” mentality. From when kids are very small, they start playing tag. Once kids get into playing online games, “tag-you’re-it” turns into “bang-you’re-dead”.

(1) Boxhead 2 Play Rooms:

(2)Mouse & Guns:


(4) Carnival Showdown:

Yahoo! Released Axis web browser Download Free

In the race of web browsers how yahoo can remain without participating. "Axis," is based upon HTML5 software will be a standalone browser for mobile platforms including iOS and Android, while the desktop version installs as a plug-in that works with your existing browser, be it IE9, Chrome or Firefox. Both versions have the same goal of improving your browsing experience.

On both clients, the search results come from Microsoft's Bing, just presented in the new UI layer Yahoo has developed. It presents itself as a small search box on the bottom-left of your browser, and when you begin typing it gives you a vertical list of suggestions next to a horizontal set of webpage previews.The plug-in will also sync your bookmarks, search history, and browser history across multiple devices.

Yahoo's commercial (embedded below) claims that Axis will let you "rip through the web," but the less-grandiose claim that at least it moves search away from a standard list of links seems much more apropos to us.

  • Smarter, Faster Search — Axis gives you instant answers so you can continuously discover and explore content without interruption. You will never have to leave the page you are on to view your search results again.
  • Connected Experience — Axis allows you to pick up wherever you left off as you move across your desktop, iPhone, and iPad. It makes your recently visited sites, saved articles, and bookmarks automatically accessible across all your devices.
  • Personal Home Page — Axis centralizes your online life with a customizable Home Page that provides direct access to your favorite sites and content across all your devices.
In fact, the entire app is pretty solid. It has a host of useful features like a dedicated Share button that lets you quickly Pin and Tweet webpages. And I really like the way its tabs are set up for switching between multiple websites — it’s really fast.

Download For iOS
Download For Desktop

Try New Social Networking So.cl By Microsoft

A new social networking. Now this time from Microsoft. Microsoft officially launched their social network known as So.cl (pronounced “social”). So.cl was established with students in mind and was first made available as a beta to those enrolled at the University of Washington, Syracuse University and New York University late last year.

Since So.cl borrows and builds from a bevvy of existing sites -- and doesn't aim to replace sites such as Facebook and Twitter -- it has the potential to take off, especially among its target audience. So.cl allows individuals to network with their peers and share useful information from both inside and outside of the classroom.

So.cl is education-driven project and developed by Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs and takes a different approach to social networking.

Well, at least that was the original idea. Now that So.cl is available to everyone, it’s likely that shared topics will stray from purely educational material into more general themes.

On paper, it’s actually starting to sound a lot like Pinterest where people simply post neat things that they like. If it proves to be successful, Microsoft could have a real winner on their hands although at some point they might want to shy away from the “educational” theme.

To use So.cl, users must sign in with either their Facebook or Windows Live account to get started. From here they are free to post photos, videos, text or even start a video party to discuss findings with friends.

Use One Keyboard and Mouse For All PC in Network

Some time I need this feature badly. I cant change my location every time for just use mouse and keyboard of other PC. This is different from KVM. A familiar phenomenon for the geek with a laptop for on the go and a desktop computer at home or at work. Instead of splitting your computing power over several displays, you’re putting several disjunction systems in parallel. 
ShareMouse lets you share your mouse and keyboard with multiple networked computers.
Just move the mouse pointer to the computer you wish to control. When you reach the border of any monitor, the mouse magically jumps to the neighboring monitor and you can control that computer.


ShareMouse (Mac + Windows)

ShareMouse does exactly what you would expect from a KVM switch, and more. After installing the application on two or more computers, ShareMouse will automatically spot other computers running ShareMouse on the same network and connect with them. ShareMouse is available for Mac OS X and Windows computers, and will work in both directions.
With ShareMouse, you can use one keyboard and one mouse to control all devices on your desk, or you can use the computer you’re currently working on to pull up information on any of the other computers.

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