21 October 2012

Idia free Live TV Working Trick October/November 2012

You need to Enter the RSTP (Streaming URl ) in your Mobile or PC.
For Mobile
1. you need to have Proper Streaming Settings
2. In Nokia S-40 Phone s, you need to Enter the URL in Downloads> in MusicPlayer
3. Access Point should be used is mobile or internet

For PC
1. Connect to Internet using mobile or internet as Access Point
2. Open VLC Media Player
3. Copy any channel linkand paste it in File> Open Advance File> Streaming.
4. It will take some Time to Load, and in 3G It will work without any buffering
5. You can also Put the Link in Google Chrome.

The following are the URLS to stream for free idea live tv.

NB:The trick is tested in KARNATAKA @high balance

Free New Aircel 3G new gprs trick

Here is the latest free gprs 3g trick for aircel subscribers.
Aircel 3g trick is live again now. Yes after experimenting a lot with the 3g 2g plans and recharges a new tweak has been recovered for free 3g on aircel. The trick is bit complicated and has some cost involved in trying it. If you succeed activating this trick then what you get is unlimited free 3g for a long time (still the trick is blocked). The trick is all about recharging the 3g packs available on aircel in a certain pattern. I will explain it step by step. Dear readers this is not a proxy trick or anything like that so you cannot avail this trick in a moment of time. Some patience is required but i assure you the fruit of patience is gonna taste so sweet. carefully follow the steps below to avail the free 3g trick on your aircel number.

Aircel free 3g trick step by step guide.

As mentioned earlier follow the steps carefully, it isn’t that hard but still a mistake can cost you some money.
  • Recharge your aircel number with any of the 14 or 27 pack. These are small sachet unlimited plan from aircel. You get high speed data upto some limit and thereafter you get 2g speed.
  • Use up all the high speed data, You can download some music or watch some YouTube videos to finish it up quickly
  • After you have used up all your high speed data you must recharge with the 8 rs unlimited plan. in some circles the same plan comes for rs 7
  • now connect and use your 3g connection for some time say an hour or so
  • After a while your aircel internet connection will disconnect automatically . don’t worry the real trick is still to come. connect again using the default settings to enjoy free unlimited 3g on your aircel number
Aircel has a good connectivity and a decent internet connection unlike docomo. So try this trick at your own risk. You can use the same trick on your data card modems to connect with pc and browse and download for free.
Thanks for reading us. stay subscribed with us for updates on similar topics. You are welcome to comment if you have any doubts or concerns regarding this trick. If this trick worked for you then please share it with your friends. Also please leave feedback on the trick in the comments section. please mention your circle while leaving feedback. once again thanks for reading. Keep visiting for new tricks

17 October 2012

How to Access Facebook Full Site With Your Mobile Phone

Sometimes you wonder why you can't view Facebook's full site with your mobile phone because you don't get the maximum satisfaction you want when you visit the mobile site. You don't have to worry no more because, this is your last stop to satisfy this desire of yours.

Follow These Steps Carefully:
  • If you use a mobile browser like Opera Mini, UC Browser, or sometimes Bolt Browser Login to facebook (you will be automatically redirected to facebook's mobile site which is http://m.facebook.com).
You can also get to the Full Site by first going to the Touch Site then, you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Full Site (Desktop site) Option.


Airtel Launches Unlimited GPRS Pack for Rs.149

Bharti Airtel today announced the launch of an all new Unlimited Mobile Internet  Pack (with FUP on Speed) for its 2G Prepaid mobile customers across India (New + Existing).

Priced at Rs. 149, this new GPRS pack offers 2GB of 2G Data beyond which the Mobile Internet speed is controlled to 40 Kbps. Priced at Rs. 149, this new pack offers 2GB of 2G Data beyond which the internet speed is controlled to 40 Kbps. Airtel customers can continue to browse and download from the Internet thereafter as well for a period of 30 days without any incremental charges.
This new plan is now available for purchase at all Airtel outlets for Prepaid mobile customers across the country.

Trick to view Twitter Full Site From Mobile Phone Browsers

Now I am here with Popular Social Networking site Twitter. I will
Teach you How to view
Twitter full version site on mobile.
The trick is so simple and working 100% perfectly on any
OS, any Device or any browsers.

This tutorial contains only two steps and everyone will
understand the trick easily.

Step #1:-
         Go to www.twitter.com and sign-in to your account using Username and Password.

Step #2:-
         Go to following URL


You have got it.!
Now please follow us.You can also subscribe to our daily Newsletter via email.

Reliance launches new All Share Postpaid Plan

Reliance Communications (RCOM) has launched new All Share Postpaid
Plan that lets you share Voice, Data and Text on a
plan with other family members
or group under a single bill. The
Plan costs Rs. 1497 per month for 3 members, that lets you share 3000
mins of Local / STD
Voice Calls, 3000 Local / National SMS, 3GB of 3G Data per month and
free calling between the
family or group members. Tata
Docomo introduced similar postpaid plan called MyFamily
plan last year.

The All Share Postpaid Plan lets
you add up to family or group members at the incremental
rental of Rs.499 per connection.
With the addition of each new member, the group members
would get 1000 mins of Local / STD voice calls, 1000 Local /
National SMS and 1GB of 3G Data to share.
The Reliance All Share Postpaid Plan is available for all new and
existing postpaid (GSM and CDMA) Reliance subscribers.

Tata Docomo launches My Call Me Tune mobile app to browse, search and set Call Me Tunes

Tata Docomo has launched My Call Me Tune app in partnership with OnMobile. This app would let the Tata DOCOMO GSM subscribers create, customize and activate their favorite call me tune easily. You can also search, preview, copy and also set caller tunes for a specific profile. This offers users to search based on Song Name/Artist/Movies and customize profile tunes for specific mobile numbers. You can also record call back tones in your own voice.
Tata Docomo customers can Dial 590002 or SMS <MY CMT> to 543211. You will get a downloadable link of the My Call Me Tune application via SMS after that. The charges for downloading songs would be Rs. 15 for 90 days. Subscription charges for caller tunes would be Rs.30 for 30 days.
Users can set preferred language under settings option to customize and use their favorite songs. One can set a particular song for a specific caller by entering his/her mobile number while requesting a Call Me Tune. You can also quickly copy tunes by entering the number from which user would like to copy the song.
The app is now available for Android, Blackberry and Symbian phones and would soon be available for iOS users soon

MTS launches mAd, lets you make free local calls

MTS has launched a new Mobile
Advertising Service called mAd.
This service would let the
customers watch a short video
Ad on their device before a call
and get free local calling minutes.
It doesn't have any activation
charges, application download
charges and data transfer
charges while viewing video ads.
Popular brands such as Coca-
Cola, Pepsi, Mentos, Center Fresh,
Fiat, Kellogg's, Titan, Lenovo have
partnered with MTS for this
This service is available on all the
Android devices on the MTS
network including MTS MTag 3.1,
MTS MTag 351, MTS MTag 352,
MTS MTag 353, MTS MTag 401,
MTS Pulse, Samsung Galaxy Y and
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos CDMA.
It would launch it soon on
BlackBerry and BREW enabled
entry-level MTS handsets.
To activate this service MTS
customers need to SMS FREE to
55559 or call customer care 155
(Toll Free). After that they'll get a
link to download MTS mAd Call
application that needs to be
installed on the phone. A demo
video will play, that would
explain the process.
Whenever a customer makes a
call, an automatic pop up will ask
the customer for a Free Call or
Paid Call. In case of the Free call,
a seamless video ad will play for
20-30 seconds, post that the call
will be connected. After
completion, free 60 seconds of
local calling will be credited to
the customer's account and the
same will be confirmed via SMS.
Customers can make 4 MTS mAd
calls in a day, after that the Free
call pop up will not be displayed.

Airtel launches mobile application for Airtel India Grand Prix 2012

Airtel has launched Airtel India
Grand Prix 2012, new mobile
application for Android, iPhone
and iPad users. This app would
enable the users follow the
global Formula One Grand Prix on
the go. It offers race results,
standings, schedule and latest F1
news. You can also take quizzes
and bag prizes, read up trivia
and check out the latest buzz
from Airtel on its host of Formula
One related initiatives.

Airtel India Grand Prix 2012 app
*Displays remaining
days to the upcoming races
*Top Ranks: Shows the top 3
drivers as per the latest season
*Race Result: Gets you the results
of the last race – position, driver,
*Standings: Displays the current
Driver and Constructor standings.
*Schedule: Complete schedule of
the 2012 season.
*Latest News: All the latest
happenings from on and off the
*Quiz: Daily 5 questions for the
user to answer. User will need to
select the correct answer from
the 4 options available
*Airtel Buzz: General info on all the
activities that are happening
around the 2012 Airtel Indian
Grand Prix
*About BIC: Trivia and information
about the Buddh International
Circuit along with a link leading
the user to the bookmyshow
page to buy tickets

Download Airtel Indian Grand
Prix 2012 app for Android from
the Google Play Store for
free. iPhone and iPad users can
download the app from the
Apple iTunes Store for free.

Airtel New 3G Trick With 800Kbps Speed

Here is simple trick to get Your 3G speed back.
Recharge your Airtel number with small video call pack (call customer
care for pack details) and enjoy 800kbps
if speed not get uncapped,then call customer care and tell them video
call picture quality is low.
soon they will be
uncapped your sim.
Now use any existing airtel gprs trick and enjoy 3g speed for free.

NB:If you dont have video call supported 3g phone then put your sim in
such phone and do as above.After testing,put the sim in your normal 3g
phone.You will get the same 3g speed.

15 October 2012

Google Changes Home Page For Mobile

Google has been changing the
design of their services from
quite some time now,
experimenting with different
layouts and interface design.
Now Google has changed its
mobile homepage to look
somewhat like Google+. They are
looking to have a unified design
for all their services is what I
This new homepage design has
just been rolled out and may not
be visible yet in some countries.
But the new homepage looks
really good and less cluttered. It
has a expand button on top
which looks like the options
button on Google Chrome
browser which you can press to
see and go to the various
services by Google in a scroll able
list format. This new extended
interface also shows you your
Google+ notifications. This new
interface looks really neat. Let us
know what you think about this
design change in our comments

How to Convert a Cell Phone Cam to a Webcam - How To Use Mobile Camera As A Webcam on Your PC

STEP 1:Go To This Link http://mobiola.com/mobiola-web-camera And Click
On Download
And Select Your Mobile Phone To Start Downloading The App.

Those Who Are Using Java Phones Like Samsung,SonyEricsson, Nokia 5300,3500 e.t.c
Download That Application From This Link http://mobiola-
STEP 2:Mobiola Consists Two parts..One Is Client Part And Other One Is
Server Part.
Install Server Part On Your PC(.exe File) And Install Client Part On
Your Mobile Phone (ie. .jar,.sis e.t.c).
STEP 3:Run Mobiola Webcam On Your Computer.
STEP 4:Run Mobiola Webcam On Your Phone.
STEP 5:Connect Your MobilePhone With Your Pc By Using USB data Cable
Or Bluetooth Dongle.
STEP 6:Now In Your Cell Phone Go To Mobiole Then Go To Options
Then Connect.
STEP 7:After That Select Bluetooth Or USB (Whatever Is Connected
Between Your Phone And PC) To Create A Connection..
After Authentication You Are
Done.. enjoy.. :)

If You Are Using An Android Phone Then Follow These Steps
To Turn Your Mobile Phone As A Web Cam..
STEP 1:Go To Android Market Or Google Play By Your Android
Phone And Search For A
Application Named "Usb
STEP 2: Download And Install
That Application On Your Android Phone and Turn on USB debugging By
Going (Settings-
STEP 3: If You Are Using
Windows On Your Computer Then Download Server For USB
webcam From Here http://www.placaware.com/?page_id=6
If You Are Using Linux On Your Computer Then Download
Server From Here http://

STEP 4: Install Server On Your Computer.
STEP 5:Connect Your Cell Phone Via USB cable To Your Computer.
STEP 6:After That Double Click To Open Server From Your PC..And
Open Client app From Your Cell Phone And Create A Connection.
And You Are Done.. :)
Enjoy.. :)

Vodafone Free GPRS Trick Working 100%

Create new configuration
settings in your phone.
apn: portalnmms
proxy :
Port : 9401
save the settings and
open any handler and put the following front query with
suffix @

For example:-
Here are the three working
ip/homepages for Vodafone free internet.


How to Gmail Full Site View From Mobile Phone Browser's

Gmail is a email service offered by internet giant Google. Gmail
offers users a best email experience. We can access mails from
anywhere. Gmail is availablein Mobile friendly form also. So we can
access gmail on the go. But the main problem on mobile version is
that, we can use limited features only such as Inbox, Out box, Trash,
Saved folders etc.. we also unable to view attached files such as
photos. Most devices such as Ipads, Tablets, Smartphones, every micro
devices renters only the mobile view only. So there is no direct
method for accessing PC or Full version site of gmail. We are now here
with a simple Trick to view PC version or Full Version of Gmail . This
trick is expected to be working on most famous platforms such as
Android, IOS, Java, Symbian, Windows Phone etc.. and most used mobile
web browsers such as Opera Mobile, Uc Browser, Opera Mini, Dolphin
browser, Android browsers and Default browsers.
This trick needs only two steps. Just continue reading...
Step #1: First go to www.gmail.comfrom your mobile browser. Sign in
with your Username and Password. Then Gmail Mobile version opens...
Don't get lost justwait and read completely...
Step #2: Now just go to the following URLfrom your mobile browser
whichyou have already signed in to your gmail account.

Hope you got the full version of Gmail.

13 October 2012

Latest free gprs tricks working with Airtel 3G speed

Hi all. This is a new free internet trick working perfectly with my airtel mobile. You can also try this. These free GPRS tricks is working for me with amazing downloading speed.

To get this free internet you have to change your mobile configuration settings settings as follows.
Proxy address :
 Port Number : 80
Access point or APN : airtelgprs.com
Home page : http://wap.nimbuzz.com
Or these following home pages.
     or http://d.airtelworld.com

Note: After this browse the home page first. Try this on low balance. Maintain your balance below 30 Paisa and try. This trick working good in Tamilnadu and kerala. Try this on your state and leave your comments below.

Get live cricket scores for FREE Just give a missed call

Now get live cricket scores for free just by giving a missed call to

Its completely free.Its an official free service from textweb.The
trick works with all networks.


12 October 2012

how to activate 3g on Airtel,Aircel,Bsnl,Reliance,Vodafone,Idea,TATA Docomo

How to activate 3g on your number
As you all know that 3g connectivity have become more affordable. The rates of 3g has been reduced considerably from what it was when launched.  3g is now not only for the big players. The best sign for that is the launch of unlimited plans by Aircel. Here in this post i will be showing you how to activate 3g on your number. For activating 3g you should have a 3g enabled phone or modem. Also you must make sure that your provider provides 3g connectivity in your circle. in india 3g service is provided by the following networks
  • Airtel
  • Aircel
  • Bsnl
  • Reliance
  • Vodafone
  • Idea
  • Docomo.
Is your provider in the above list, then lets try the next step. Is your phone 3g enabled? how to check if your phone is 3g enabled or not? You can simply check the 3g support of your phone from your phone settings itself.

How to check if your phone support 3g or not

From your phone go to settings, and then to network settings, in network settings there is an option to change network mode. If you can see something like 3g or umts or wcdma, then your phone is 3g enabled, hurray!
If you had positive result with both the steps then lets go and activate 3g on your phone. Each network provider has a unique method for activating 3g. Here is the list of providers and the steps to activate 3g on each.

How to activate 3g on each network


  • sms “3g” to “121″
  • or you can call “12134″


  • sms “START 3G” to “121″


  • recharge with rs
  • or sms “M3G” to “53733″


  • call “1800 100 3333″ toll free


  • sms “ACT3G” to “111″
  • or sms “3GLIF” to “111″


  • sms “ACT3G” to “12345″
  • or sms “3G” to “54777″


  • sms “ACT3G” to “53333″
  • or sms “3GLIFE” to “53333″
Thats all. so enjoy your 3g service on your provider. to know latest 3g tariffs stay subscribed. If you found this post helpful share it with your friends. also stay subscribed for latest posts.

Airtel free browsing and downloading using opera mini

First of all create following settings in your phone's personal configuration:~

Now download any operamini handler and put following in handler menu:

100% working download
support in punjab

note:symbian users try realhost:- with
mobile office setting.

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