30 December 2012

How can you get free balance in airtel with out any cost

Do you ever faced a situation when your phone balance runs out and you
want to make an emergency call?
Now, airtel users have a solution for this.You get Rs 10 from airtel as loan.


NB:Rs 12 would be deducted from your airtel account when you recharge.

Norton Mobile Security released for iPhone and iPad

Symantec has released Norton Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad. It
lets users keep their
device secure, recover a lost or stolen device and prevent strangers
from accessing their
information. Unlike the Norton Mobile Security for Android, you can't
lock the device remotely
or Block calls or SMS yet.

Features of Norton Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad
>Backup contacts online
and restore it across devices(iPhone, iPad or Android)
>Control the security of the devices from one convenient Web interface
>Scream Alarm sets off an audible alarm to find the missing device
>Remote Locate lets you pinpoint a lost or stolen device on a map

so users can find it fast
The Norton Mobile Security is priced at Rs. 599 for 1 year protection
and is available
for purchase from Norton online store. After purchasing the
license, you can download the Norton Mobile Security on
your iPhone or iPad and login with those credentials to use the

How To Hide Personal Blogger From Search Engines

www. blogger.com is no need to introduction. Every blogger know about it, who don't know I want to tell one thing that you can create free blogs on it. It offers very attractive user interface system. You can make any type of blog on it, some people makes Personal Blogs on Blogger, But there is a option available for hide their blogs from search engine eyes.  Below the simple tutorial to how to hide your blogs from search engines.

How to hide:
  • First you need to sign in to your blogger account and go to dashboard
  • Now go to Settings > Basic
  • Now here find privacy section
  • Click on Edit link
  • Then find "Let search engines find your blog?" select No radio button 
  • Finally click on Save Changes button :D
That's all Simply done every thing.

Get User Info of Any Reliance Mobile Number

Want to get details and user info of any reliance user. Then here is a trick for you. This service is provided by reliance, with this you can get small help. 

How To Do: 
Step 1: First of all click on this link http://myservices.relianceada.com/captureInstantRecharge.do
Step 2: Now enter the number of whom u want details

Step 3: Enter any Email ID.

Step 4:  Now click on continue.

That's all, now you will get a screen with the number and customer name.

How To See And Delete Search History On FacebookHow To See And Delete Search History On Facebook

Hello Friends i think you are not familiar with the Facebook search feature.By this feature you can see the history of your own Facebook profile.Means you can see your all time Facebook activity like your new friends,your tagged history,your recent chat etc.
So why this is big problem for me,The problem is that when i sit with my girlfriend and access Facebook she always see my recent search history.And i always caught by her.
So i search on internet and got a trick to delete the Facebook search history which i shared with you.
Steps to follow:-

Step 1:- Go to your profile by click on the profile button as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2:- By click on the profile tab you can see a screen as shown below.Now click on the Activity log tab.

Step 3:- After click on the activity log tab you can see a screen as shown below.Now click on the Post and Apps option.

Step 4:- After click on the Post and Apps a drop down will appear as shown in the screenshot below.And then click on the search option.

Step 5:- After click on the search option you will see a screen as shown below and the click on the clear search option to clear the search history.

Done... History will be deleted now you are safe from your girlfriend....

Blogger Update Google+ Followers Widget | How To Add Google+ Followers Widget To Blogger

Hello friends latest news is there blogger update Google+ followers widget.You can see screenshot below the new Google+ followers widget.
So How To Add This:- This is very simple to add follow the below steps.
Step 1: Go to blogger Dashboard->Layout->Add a new Widget

Step 2: Now you can see a new Google+ Followers Widget then click on add.See Screenshot Below.

So Have You Added This Widget To Your Blog...

27 December 2012

Vodafone & idea free internet trick working on PC with high speed

Vodafone & idea free internet trick working on PC with high speed
Hi friends. Today i come here with new working free internet trick on PC for vodafone and idea network. To do this trick you need to install ultrasurf application on your computer. Download the ultrasurf appplication from the here. 
Vodafone & idea free internet trick working on PC with high speed

  • Extract the downloaded zip file and run the exe file.
  • After  installation open the  application and click the options button in the window.
  • Click the proxy settings and change the settings manually to the below one.
  • proxy host
  • proxy port 9401
  • And select any one server in the list. If any server not working change it to another one.
  • To download files by using IDM change the default proxy settings to the following proxy & port 9666. also change the browser's proxy settings. Thats all.
For idea users use the following Proxy and port.
Proxy :
Port : 8080
This trick is working fine for Tamilnadu and kerala. Try this on your state and leave your reply below.

Automatically Send Birthday Wishes To Your Facebook Friend's Wall

Hello friends welcome to my today's post.Today when i surfing on internet i found a trick which is very helpful for those who forgets to wish their friend's on birthday. Specially for me i always forget my friend's birthdays's.

So i surely bookmarked this post.Would you??? Bookmarked this post....

What To Do:- Nothing to do special, their is a website birthdayfb who provide us this great feature.

Steps To Follow:-

Step 1: Go to birthdayfb.

Step 2: You will see a website that shows as below.

Step 3: Click on connect with Facebook.You can see a screen like below.Click on skip if you don't want that this website information is post on your timeline or they access your basic information and click on allow if you want to post and allow to access your basic information.Don't worry only basic information like your Name,Birthday,Your Interest,Your friend's information access only.

Step 4: After that you can see a website that shows your upcoming friend's birthdays as shown below.

Step 5: Click on the Dropdown and  write message as shown below.

Done... Ohhh not done one thing left you an also schdule the time of message by clicking on Preferences Menu.As shown below.

Now Done...
Hope this will helpful for you.. Please leave useful comments below if you like my today's post...

Your Friend Monu...

Latest Nokia Mobile Phone Price List India

Nokia Lumia 800 Rs.23723
Nokia E7 Rs.21000
Nokia X7-00 Rs.20700
Nokia N8 Rs.18766
Nokia 701 Rs.17978
Nokia E6-00 Rs.16792
Nokia C7 Rs.16515
Nokia 700 Rs.16095
Nokia Lumia 710 Rs.15496
Nokia C6-01 Rs.14270
Nokia 603 Rs.12988
Nokia C6 Rs.12855
Nokia 500 Rs.9608
Nokia E5 Rs.9125
Nokia Asha 303 Rs.8899
Nokia C5-03 Rs.8630
Nokia X3-02 Rs.7770
Nokia C5 Rs.7660
Nokia Asha 302 Rs.6285
Nokia C3 Rs.6200
Nokia Asha 300 Rs.6155
Nokia 5233 Rs.6060
Nokia X2 Rs.4810
Nokia C2-06 Rs.4425
Nokia Asha 200 Rs.3950
Nokia C2-03 Rs.3850
Nokia C2-01 Rs.3800
Nokia X2-01 Rs.3560
Nokia C2-02 Rs.3400
Nokia X2-02 Rs.3259
Nokia C2-00 Rs.2200
Nokia C1-01 Rs.1925
Nokia X1-01 Rs.1830
Nokia C1-02 Rs.1600
Nokia 101 Rs.1444
Nokia 100 Rs.1160
Nokia 1280 Rs.987

Note: Taxes are not included as they vary for different states.

17 December 2012

Convert 300 x 250 Adsense Ad into Big 300 x 600 Ad Unit

Google announced a new ad size for AdSense that is 300X600, this is called "half page unit". It is very attractive and can generate huge earning due to its size. Width is same but only difference is height. When it shows image add on it then it looks awesome.

This ad provides a larger space for advertisers to get their message across and can offer users rich engagement,” he adds. “As mentioned in our recently released Display Business Trends, the 300×600 is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions and is indicative of a trend where publishers are offering more visually impactful ad sizes that are preferred by brand advertisers.

Anyone who is using 300 x 250 ad unit from adsense should migrate to this 300 x 600 ad unit, so that he can gain some more clicks.  Google has guidelines for ad placement here .

Google said this ad size is one of the “top requests from publishers” last year. Google’s display ad study show that this ad unit is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions.

When publishers first place these ad units on their sites, you will notice a “large number of text ads in these placements,” Google said. But over time Google will fill those ad spots with “wide range of text and display ad inventory.”

We are also using this add, you can see this at heft hand side of my blog. You can see this add after closing my post, because at a time google shows only 3 ad Unit. 

Opera Mini 7.1 for BlackBerry and Java phones released, brings faster downloads

Opera, a leading mobile browser has launched Opera Mini 7.1 version for Blackberry and Java phone users. It will include a faster download manager especially designed for providing faster downloads along with server optimization for files with size less than 15MB.
A new option is also included for pausing and resuming downloads any time during the sessions. With the new browser, files can be saved in different folders and the browser even remembers the location from where the users tried to access files. This improvesthe security attached to file access.
Users can also download more than one file simultaneously with the help of this new browser. The file name can be changed and saved from the download dialog. One of the key additions in the Blackberry devices using Opera Mini 7.1 includes its ability to launch the downloaded files directly from the download manager. The progress bar will bealso displayed in the browser. Thenew browser can be downloadedby Blackberry and Java phone users from m.opera.com.
It is interesting to note that this new updated browser version from Opera has come within six months of their last update. It is only a few months back Opera released Opera Mini version 7.5 for Android. It featured a Smart Page providing users with quickeraccess to social networking updates and world news. Opera Mini was released as a more refined browser for achieving enhanced web experience.
The new browser is designed to open up even sites with secured encryptions at a faster pace. The browser is designed to reduce the data usage thereby saving user’s money. Opera Mini browsereven includes a virtual keyboard that makes the typing experience much easier than ever before.
Other key features of Opera Mini browser includes;
*. Easier access to bookmarks
*. History feature
*. Easier management of downloads

15 December 2012

Airtel free Gprs using operamini handler working again

weeks ago i had posted about the free internet trick using opera mini  handler. But that trick is not working most of the regions now. So today i would like to post new working free gprs trick. Just follow the below instructions.

  • First Download operamini handler versions from our Airtel tricks section.
  • Now change the front query to the following one Freeip/~anonycgi/nph-andripzf.cgi/20/http/
  • If the above trick is not working with your Airtel internet settings make the following settings on your mobile phone.
  • Access point or APN : airtelgprs.com
  • Proxy address : or 
  • Home page : http://d.airtelworld.com
That' all. Keep your balance below 30 Pasia and browse. This settings is working well for me in Tamilnadu. Check this on your state and leave your comments below. Thank you.

14 December 2012

Boosts WiFi Performance by 700% with WiFox | Speed Up WiFi

WiFox a new invention, developed by team of engineers at NC State University (NCSU). Cafe, Airports, Conferences halls and many more offer free WiFi to visitors, but they are often sluggish in their operation because everyone else is hogging the connection. WiFox a new software protocol that could theoretically be added to existing Internet routers and is capable of boosting WiFi performance by 700 percent.

WiFox is like traffic policeman, ensuring that the data traffic moves smoothly in both directions. Purely software based, It can change the way of routers. WiFox monitor the traffic on a WiFi channel, intelligently detecting load issues and granting access to priority data. The research team, student Jeongki Min and Professor Injong Rhee, will present their findings at the ACM CoNEXT 2012 in December.

Using 45 devices connected at once, the researchers saw a 700% increase in throughput, which is impressive given what happens when a scrum of users tries to access the same access point at public locations.

How to Get 3G/4G Speed in 2G Sim Card BSNL Trick

Now these days I am suffering with poor internet speed. One of my fast friend told me about this trick. So today I am sharing this amazing trick with all of you. I know 3G charges are very high so everyone wants it at very cheap price. So just pay for 2G and enjoy 3G/4G speed. 

How To Get It:

To get 3G net speed you need a BSNL 2G SIM card and a 3G Data Card. Now follow below steps but one important thing the 3G network coverage is required in your city or area.

Step1: Insert your SIM to Data Card and attach it with Laptop/PC.
Step2: Now go to Network menu (available in all data card at different locations). Under the network menu set the network selection from manual to auto.
Step3: Now go to Mode selection menu. In Mode Selection Menu set it to UMTS/HSPDA option if not available then set it to WCDMA.
Step4: Click on apply button.

Now reconnect your data card and enjoy hi speed.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional

Hello friends good news is there that now you can use Microsoft Office 2013  for a 60 day trial.

Microsoft Office Includes:- Microsoft Office 2013 includes plus features.
(a)Word (b)Excel (c)PowerPoint (d)Outlook (e)Access (f)OneNote
(g)Publisher (h)Lync

Microsoft Office 2013 Available In:
(a)32 Bit and 64 Bit Editions
(b)Languages Like English,Chinese,German,French,Italian

Watch Complete Guide And Register For Download:
(1)Microsoft Office 2013 Resource Page

(2)Microsoft Office 2013 System Requirements

(3)See The Product Details Information

Click Here To Get Started Now:

09 December 2012

Free Recharge Trick for All Network 100 % Working

Type the following format and send to 9945456666
yourname<space>age<space>city< space>1

for eg: rashid 21 cochin 1

If you haven't any sms offer, just sign in to way2sms.com and
send the sms. Otherwise you may
cost Rs 1.5 for the sms.

You will get the confirmation sms
soon after sending the sms.And the recharge of Rs10 will be credited
in your account within 5 hours.

Its 100% working for all networks.I tested the trick with AIRTEL,DOCOMO and AIRCEL sims in Kerala.

Download Internet Explorer 10 for Windows

Announced that Windows Internet Explorer 10 is now available for download.

This new version of the browser  with a new design on the launch of Windows 8. The browser comes standard on Windows 8 and integrates seamlessly with the operating system.

In Windows 7, the new Internet Explorer is almost identical to Internet Explorer 9 in terms of interface. Need to look very far to find information that use version 10.

As the aspects to be considered, we know that if install us this trial version, replaced with the version that we have installed, that is why we must be careful with this. We also know that it is mandatory to install Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 use the new version.

We will see more then subsequently evolve as updates of this first version of Internet Explorer 10 and that it will be the final version.

How to Get Tata Docomo Callme Tune Free for Lifetime

Telecom company’s introduced callme tunes and that’s just took everyone’s attention. People were using this service and so telecom gave an upgrade to the prices and now you have to pay like huge amounts to get these tunes on your device. But luckily we have a free Docomo callme tune trick with which you can get free callme tune for lifetime.

  1. Firstly if you are using any tunes just deactivate them.
  2. Now we have to activate tem again so dial543211999 from your Docomo number and activate your 1 month free subscription.
  3. So they will provide you two different songs just choose one song from them.
  4. Now disconnect your call and you will be subscribed to 1 month free callme tune subscription.
  5. Now comes the best part if you want to change the default song you have just applied you can do that too but make sure that your balance is less than Rs.10.
  6. Now just dial *678*020# and reply with # now just select your song you want to apply.
  7. Now they have different numbers for different periods like 543211995 10 days subscription 543211985 - 5 days subscription 543211999 - 30 days subscription54321122 - 15 days subscription.
  8. But now if you want to have a lifetime subscription just dial 543211985 and activate your 5 days trial now use this service for 4 days and make your balance less than Rs.3 and do not recharge till 10 days now you will be in the suspended mode on approx. 7th.
  9. Now try deactivating your callme tune service but by no means it is going to deactivate.
  10. So hence now you have lifetime free callme tune subscription for Docomo number.
So now this trick has been tested in Gujarat and it is reported positive, so it is working but now its your turn to check it in your state and reply.

airtel high speed proxies for browsing and downloading

The following are the some of the high speed airtel proxies for airtel
free gprs trick.You can either use these proxies with default browser
trick or realhost trick.


Windows 8 Free download

The Windows 8 is the latest OS by the Microsoft. The Microsoft windows 8 has some significant changes in operating  logic and provides better touch screen support. It adopts new metro-style user interface with few applications and shortcuts with dynamic box in which the user can add the often using browser or any other application in it.

windows 8 free download, 32 bit os download, 32 bit windows 8 download, windows 8 64 bit download

The windows 8 with 32 bit and 64 bit can be download below:

Windows 8 - 32 bit free download

Windows 8- 64 bit free download

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