31 August 2013

Top 10 Tips to Speed up Android Phone

Top 10 Tips to Speed up Android Phone\\Top 10 Tips to Speed up Android Phone

This is Era of Android Devices and just one word for Android phone and that is just Awesome. But it is also fact nothing could be 100% perfect so everything come with some bugs which will solve with time. So, there is also some problems with Android devices which we can solve by adopting simple tips. Many people experience, after buying Android phone with in month its performance become slow which is very irritating for users either he use Karbonn A5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4. So here in this post have listed Top 10 Tips for Android Users which will surely help to speed up their Android Devices.

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1. Keep Optimizing your Home Screen
Keep Optimizing your Home Screen

Most of us like the Live Wallpaper and Lots of Widget on Home Screen and that's why the Live Wallpapers are so cool and the widgets on the home screen are easier to use. So peoples wants to keep live wallpaper and lots of widget on their home screen but many of us are not aware about these things slows down phone performance especially when your phone is older and have low configuration. Widgets make work more easier but using too many widgets slow down the phone performance and you should never forget that live wallpapers will directly kill battery life of phone.

2. Have a eye on the Apps running in the background

Have a eye on the Apps running in the background

Android is Multitasking Operating System which allows its users to perform multiple actions at same time but many of us misuses this important feature which slow down device performance. Most of us don't know how to correctly close any app, so when they close an app they just press the home screen button and think the app is close but as its a multitasking system so its not correct way to just minimize the app. So its important we have an eye on the apps running in the background because it uses to much CPU and battery, so it is recommended to close the app correctly when you don't need to use. To close any app correctly you should use Task Manager. Run Task Manager and close running App (tab). Just close the app by clicking on the End button in front of the App name this action will surely makes your device battery and performance better.

3. Startup Cleaner
Startup Cleaner

Whenever Android device start booting there are many apps which get started at the booting time and many of them of these apps are installed by device hardware company and many are from the telecommunication company. But these all apps are important which provides the basic function to device. But when you install the custom apps on your android device then some of them are also started in the booting time which are not necessary so if we kills all custom apps at the booting time then you can increase a lot of your device performance. If you want to remove these unwanted apps at boot time, then you have to install an app that's name "Startup Cleaner 2.0". With the help of "Startup Cleaner 2.0" you can control anything at booting time and kill apps which you don't want. This app can be selected from Start up cleaner and click on "Batch Prevent Default".
4. Avoid Synchronization
Avoid Synchronization
Everyone likes its own way to synchronize apps or things but people don't know this the root for making low battery Life and Performance of your device. Synchronization is a best feature for the Business man and peoples who are very busy in their day to day life but it is recommended to check your E-mail and social status manually rather synchronization. All e-mail applications and social media apps like twitter, Facebook, Watsapp and many other apps comes with Auto-Synchronization feature which make device performance down. So it is recommend you to disable the synchronization and check all things manually.

5. Updating Mobile Apps

Updating Mobile Apps

Nowadays Android is most useful and popular OS for the mobile devices. Everyday provides new regular update in its OS, Apps and UI(User Interface). All the Leading Mobile Manufactures are providing there own designed, User Interface, and to make the User experience best so that's why they offer a regular updates. But many of us take all these updates as useless and think updating is just a waste of time. But you don't avoid all these important updates because these all here to help you. For example as any Game developer provide updates for the best result in Graphics same any App developer provides update for the new and latest features of its app which can be helpful for you. 

6. Installing Custom Browser
Installing Custom Browser

People mostly use default browser of the android, but if you visit Play Store then you find lot's of other Browsers which offers better internet surfing experience and use low RAM. So with custom browser you can increase the speed of RAM, performance of CPU and it will also provide more speed while surfing. Best browsers for android are Opera, Uc browser, Chrome, etc.

7. Avoiding Launchers apps
Avoiding Launchers apps

A lot of personalization apps are available on Play Store which make device Looks Just awesome but only at visible side. On other side it suck all RAM and Battery Life of device and working become slow. This is a good app but needs a lot of improvement to make it more performance friendly with the Device. So its recommend you to uninstall this app then you will experience best performance of your device.

8. Cleaning Cache Memory
Cleaning Cache Memory

Cache Memory affect a lot on the performance of your device. All Apps, Games and Browsers uses their own cache memory, so it is very important to keep cleaning this Cache memory regularly then it will increase performance speed. For cleaning Cache memory Download "1Tap Cleaner" app from Play Store.

9. Turn off Animation

Turn off Animation

Animation is a pre-loaded feature in all android device, but all these animation is no use and also look silly. Many times these animation causes delays while surfing the phone especially in older phones so its recommend to close it. To disable these animation go Settings> Display> Animation and just turn it off.

10. Restarting
We all use our phones 24/7 and don’t give it any rest. Its important for any machine to give break then machine working become fast. Break mean we should turn off our phone even once in week then you will experience the performance of your phone surely increase.

Is there is any trick which is not in over top 10 tips for android users? if yes then share with us in comments.


  1. you did not maintain which application can increase booting time and performance. and which application is useful for doing above task which maintain your android.


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