19 August 2013

Mobile partner mac os free download

Mobile partner mac free download.

Mobile partner mac has been a request on freetrics for a while. We are glad to publish new mobile partner supported on mac OS. As with the growing popularity of apple, number of mac book users has grown drastically. When buying some new modems users used to get only the windows version of customized dashboard. So it was hard or impossible for the mac users to churn up the most out of their modems. Using the default mobile partner dashboard has lots of limitations. For those who are totally new to mobile partner dashboard here is a brief summary on everything related to mobile partner. Why you should use this software instead of the customized dashboard software.

What is dashboard software of a modem.

When you want to connect to the internet through the modem you need an application software to handle that task. The modem sellers customize the dashboard software by changing the theme.By limiting few functionality of the modems. The original dashboard is common for all huawei modems. This common global huawei dashboard is called mobile partner. It is similar to Nokia’s pc suite of apples i tunes or Samsung kies.

Why use mobile partner mac.

As described earlier, when the modem sellers customize their dashboard they disable some functions. For instance when you buy a modem from idea you will notice that there will be no call feature. There would be no option for creating or deleting apn settings. Limited options in choosing your network types and many such hassles. They even may disable the sms function. This is the case for most of the modems in the market. These inherent modem features can be accessed by using the original dashboard.  By using mobile partner you can access full features of your modem. You can make calls, you can send text message etc. So why should you limit your possibilities. go get the mobile partner dashboard from huawei and utilize the maximum out of your modem.

Huawei mobile partner mac os free download

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