31 January 2013

UC Browser 8.6 Moded for Airtel Free GPRS.jar

Now enjoy Airtel free gprs trick 2013 with the brand new UcBrowser 8.8 java handler. This Airtel free gprs trick supports both browsing and downloading. Now follow the steps below to enjoy Airtel gprs trick.
1. First of all download appropriate java Ucbrowser 8.8 handler for your mobile phone from the link below.
2. Open Ucbrowser 8.8 handler and you will see handler settings page
3. Click on network settings
4. Now click on proxy type box and select realhost
5. In proxy server box type
6. Keep all other boxes unchanged and save the settings and go
7. Use Airtel Internet/Mobile office settings as your default settings. Keep your balance low and enjoy free Airtel gprs trick.
NB: The trick is tested and working 100% in kerala.

30 January 2013

How to delete facebook account permanently

Hello Guys,
Many people want to delete Facebook Account due to many reasons. If you are one of them and want to delete your facebook account permanently then here is a simple tutorial for you is will disable your profile, remove your name and remove all shared things like pictures, links, videos etc. So follow simple steps and delete account.

Steps to Follow:

1. First of all login to your Facebook Account.

2. Now just go to Account Settings and after that Security.

3. Finally Click on “Deactivate your account”. For security reasons it will ask for password, so simply Enter your Facebook Account Password and you are done.

Note: Your name in your friends list and messages send by you still remain visible. For complete removal it will take 30 days, till don’t login to your account again.

Airtel Free Gprs Trick February 2013

Create a new settings
in ur mobile..
or any working hp
in ur area...
Save the settings
and njoy..
Working or not pls
reply with

Latest Virgin Mobile free gprs trick 2013

Latest Virgin free gprs trick:--
*. Download Opera Mini handler
*. Now Open Opera handler on your Phone,
*. Then Go to Network Settings in Handler menu
*. Down and select Proxy Type as
*. "HTTP" now in Proxy Field enter:
*. "m.vbytes.in.server4.operamini.com" and enjoy....!!
*. Note :--
1. this trick is mainly working in maharastra & some places,,
2. try it your place and comment about working of this trick at your place,,,
3. try it low or zero balance,,,
like & share us and don't be a silent user please comment about the post and fill free to ask any thing your's comment let us to post more useful post for you all,,,:-):-)

Vodafone latest free gprs trick for pc and mobile 2013

Proxy trick for vodafone Users.
we have observed that may be our last posted proxy sites tricks have stopped working, but don't worry TricksLive is here again to help you..........
Again we are back with sharing all new Vodafone Proxy Site Tricks. This time with Homepage is also Shared here. Almost everyone knows Exceeding limits of Proxy Tricks in vodafone mat lead in SIM Blocking but if you Use in fair Limits nothing Will happen. We are sharing this Vodafone Proxy Tricks , we are not responsible for any Causes. Its always better to use any VPN Tricks, but in some cases NO VPN tricks works this is the Option Left to Use.Lets see its features and Methods to Use.
We have so many Tricks in our Site, So you ca use the one suitable for you. Coming on to this Vodafone Proxy Site Tricks Speed depends upon your Network Strength,However Speed Capping is the only Issues in Vodafone no days.But Still it is betterto use something for free.
*. Features of Vodafone Proxy Tricks
*. Can be easily used in Mobile and PC
*. No Disconnection Problem
*. No Registration Requires
*. No Additional Softwares Required
*. No Balance Deduction
*. Speed capping can be a Issue
*. Exceeding Limits may lead in Sim Block.
*. Use APN as: portalnmms
*.Steps to Connect with Vodafone Proxy Tricks

Proxy tricks are much easy to Use, So Just Read the method and steps Properly before Implementing. Unusual Questions and Comments will be flagged as Spam.
*. For Mobile
1. Make a New Configuration Settings with the below Details
2. Account Name: TricksLive.tk
3. Access Point: portalnmms
4. Proxy:
5. Port: 9401
6. As the main trick is of home page, use this
7. free-ip.kixmax.com
In place of free-ip use any of the free-ip or free homepage that opens even at Rs 0.0 balance
For ex.... Free homepage working in Lucknow, UP are
*. For PC
1. Connect Simply with portalnmms as access point
2. For Browsing Use the Proxies and Ports in Google Chrome or Firefox as given above,
3. For Downloading use the above Proxies in IDM Settings.,
4. In the Url Bar simply enter free-ip.kixmax.com
In place of free-ip use any of the free-ip.kixmax.com
In place of free-ip use any of the free-ip or free homepage that opens even at Rs 0.0 balance
For ex.... Free homepage working in Lucknow, UP are
*. Note This trick support SSL.You can watch youtube videos with no buffers on 3G
*. facebook supported also

28 January 2013

Virgin mobile free gprs trick 2013

This Virgin GPRS Trick will only work in mobile and Will work in 2G Signals as Virgin doesn’t have 3G Services. So you will get normal 2G Speed of 256KBPS, it is really simple to configure these settings once you read it properly.
Features of Virgin Free Gprs Trick:
· No Need to Activate Any Additional GPRS Plan.
· Working Everywhere India Tested and Confirmed
· Handlers based Trick.
· easy to Setup.
· Use This Trick at Zero Balance.
· No balance Deduction.
· Resume Supported Downloads.
· No Limitations and No need to register for any Account.
How to Setup VirginFree Gprs Trick:
· Download Opera Mini handler(you can download java operamini 7.1 handler HERE)
· Now Open Opera handler on your Phone
· Then Go to Network Settings in Handler Menu
· Go Down and select Proxy Type as HTTP
· Now in Proxy Field enter: m.vbytes.in.server4.operamini.com
· Do not Modify any other Settings, leave it as it is, and save the Changes.
That’s It! now connect normally with Virgin Default GPRS Settings through Opera handler an you will able to Download and Browse for Free.

Latest airtel superfast proxy gprs trick 2013

We are sharing an awesome proxy working fine at high speed all over India.
This proxy supports facebook , ssl sites like gmail etc , download unlimited and youtube also.
Here are the proxy details -
APN: airtelgprs.com
port: 80

NB : To avoid speed capping use APN airtelfun.com and to avoid sim blocking , dont download more than 50MB in one session. always disconnect at 45MB and reconnect

BSNL free working gprs trick 2013

Create the settings as below and enjoy free Bsnl gprs trick for january 2013.
*. Go To manual APN setting option (In some phone called configure APN)
*. Fill the following in appropriate boxes
*. Account name: mobitrickz
*. Access Point: Celloneportal
*. Username: Blank
*. Password: Blank
*. Authentication Type: None
*. Proxy:
*. Port: 8080
*. Home Page: wap.yahoo.com

*. Create New Profile in Connection Profile
*. Profile Name: mobirickz_BSNL
*. Select Static APN
*. Acces Point: Celloneportal
*. Username & Password: Blank
*. Now Save this Settings
*. Open Browser on which you want to access Internet.
*. For best use Navigate with Firefox or Google Chrome so you can easily configure setting.
*. Now open Settings of your browser.
*. Go to Network Settings
*. Enter manual Proxy Settings
*. Use this Proxy : or [ working in punjab tested ]
*. Enter the port: 80
*. Setup Home Page as : wap.yahoo.com
*. Save these Settings.
*. Open the Home Page if it is opened then
*. you can Enjoy Browsing.

Features of BSNL Proxy
*. Both Network Working 2G/3G
*. Both Working Mobile and PC
*. Confirmed Working in MH,UP,Bihar,pinjab
*. Unlimited
*. No Speed Problem
*. No Disconnection Problem

How to check internet balance in reliance

*. Via SMS
*. Via USSD
VIA SMS : - To get internet balance in reliance gsm via sms, just goto write msg and type MBAL and send it to 55333
VIA USSD : - To get details ofremaining internet data in your account just dial *333*1*3*1# or *367*3# [ I always reccomend this method to my all friends because it is easy and fast]
NB: This is 101% working in HARYANA

Download free SuperAntiSpyaware Portable Scanner 5.6

SuperAntiSpyware Portable Scanner is a freeware that detects and removes all types of spyware, trojans and adware from dialers and cookies to suspicious. Scans memory, registry and drives of your choice for malware. This version is run from any removable drive such as a USB stick or a DVD. You can download SuperAntiSpyware from the below link.

Download free SuperAntiSpyaware Portable Scanner 5.6
Web link : http://www.superantispyware.com/
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Convert Online Web Pages Into PDF Files

Sometime we don't have time to read all the blog post or any important article.And due to this reason we missed that article.

Think if i do something that you are able to convert some online web page into PDF format and save it to your computer.

Think if you are able to read some web page into your mobile by using PDF reader(Adobe Reader).

Yes this is true today i am having a website which convert your web page into PDF format.

How To Convert Online Web Pages Into PDF Files:-

1) Go To http://web2pdfconvert.com/

2) Enter the URL of online web page you want to convert.And click on convert to PDF button.After some time a downloading link will appear.Click on that link to download the file.See the below screenshot.

Done enjoy the PDF format and read you web page anytime.

27 January 2013

Download icall 7 and make calls from PC to phone & PC to PC

iCall is a program that lets you make free calls from PC to phone and PC to PC. The program includes helpful features like a voice mailbox configurable, warning incoming numbers, call return, directory service, low cost international calls and calls function safe. The program offers excellent audio quality, works under any network configuration and its interface is attractive and intuitive.

    Calls from PC to phone and PC to PC.
    Free national calls.
    Low cost international calls.
    Caller ID.
    Excellent sound quality.
    Intuitive interface.

Weblink : http://www.icall.com

Airtel Free GPRS in Mobile in Opera Mini 7.1 Interner Setting Working

Hi friends,
Hope you are enjoying our daily updating tricks!
Here i am giving you opera mini 7.1 mod with airtel internet settings working in symbian phones[s60].
Use mobile office or airtel internet settings.
  Opera 7.1 Mod With Airtel MO By TRICKSLIVE.TK.jar
  Note=> Not working in s40 or .Prov file users

Idea Live TV Channel for Free on your 2G and 3G mobiles

Use APN : mobile or internet

*. Balance Condition :
0 or more (Doesn't matter)
You may see that some links have "2G/LIVE" - They are 2G Links you can use same for all links. For 3G Links remove 2G/LIVE in link.
Eg :
Try and reply..
Its working in Karnataka...
For those whom its not working in PC using VLC :
For many users its not working in PC using VLC Media Player...
Get's some error like unable to open MRL 'rtsp://...'
Here's the tweak on this:
Try again itz working guyz:-):-)...♥♥
Please Try N ReplYy♥♥♥

26 January 2013

Free GPRS For BSNL Sim & 3G Internet Trick on 2G Sim 2013 MOBILE & PC

Hello all my readers....
After so many days i am again going to post the 3g tricks.
Now all you know that most of networks increased thr charges of 2G nd 3G...
Bt why we care...i am again to help you all guys...nd this time full 3G with bsnl
tricks working.

so you can use this trick in mobile and even in pc and tablets and dongles......

 Mobile Trick :-
First Create new Settings
+ Account name : TricksLive.tK
+ Apn : Celloneportal
+ Proxy :
+ Port : 8080
+ HP : wap.yahoo.com
That’s It guys... save these settings and connect it with given home page you will able to Download on High Speed 3G Network
 Pc Trick
HMM so why you waits for....Enjoy NEW YEAR WITH FULL FREE 3G OF BSNL:-)

Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free - Free Antivirus Software

Bitdefender Antivirus is best and number one for Windows PCs. But free version of it is not available. People use trial version or cracked versions, but Bitdefender is now releasing free version of it. So from now clients can download and utilize Bitdefender Antivirus 2013 programming complimentary of expense.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, the one antivirus answer that secures you attentively, powerfully from viruses and malwares. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition now totally upgraded with most cutting edge landing managing framework Windows 8. Liberate version accompanies basic client interface, there is no whatever available confounded settings and check boxes.

Bitdefender Free version has some essential headlines like Real-time shield, Active virus control, HTTP checking, Anti root unit and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition utilizes a clever system which can programmedly take the best determinations to keep the guard levels elevated, in a way that in addition escapes stoppages.

You need to enroll to utilize Bitdefender Free version, and moreover you can mark in with your Facebook and Google record.

Click Here And Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free edition

Skip Waiting Time in Rapidshare, Mediafire & Other Hosting Websites

SkipScreen is a free add-on that skips the clicking and waiting on sites like RapidShare, Mediafire, zShare, and more. For premium users these sites don't make any panic, but for free users there is big problem that is waiting time for downloading link, so in the event that you need to download whatever need to hold up till the ticker runs over to zero and than you to click keeping in mind the end goal to begin your download.

Well that is not so far irritating however the most exceedingly awful part goes in when your download connection moves toward getting lapsed for not clicking in time, well to conquer this situation SkipScreen steps in this small addon might be effortlessly used to skirt the previously mentioned time utmost and than programmed beginning your downloads.

Download it for both firefox and chrome:

 Download for Chrome 
 Download for Firefox

SkipScreen works great on these sites:

  • Rapidshare
  • Mediafire
  • Uploaded.to
  • Link-protector
  • zShare
  • Sharebee
  • DepositFiles
  • Divshare
  • Linkbucks
  • Sendspace
  • And many more
You can basic fix it in one click, after your instituted this addon you don't have to do any of the above visit any downloading site and this addon will mechanically do its work.

How to install Windows 8 from a USB drive - Easy & Fast

How to create a Windows 7 or windows 8 USB boot yourself ? This guide explains how to install Windows 7 from USB (PC, notebook or netbook without a DVD drive). The only requirements are: a USB flash drive of at least 4GB and have PC's BIOS that supports boot from USB. You can follow the steps in the guide below to obtain Windows 7 or windows 8 USB flash drive and start the installation from USB.

Automated method
The automated method is a program distributed by Microsoft and is recommended for the most experienced in the use of a PC.

Just install the program and run it, then follow the instructions. Remember that it only works if you have a Windows 7 ISO image on your hard drive.
Download ther program from here

Manual method
This method is useful when you know what you are doing and don't want to fill your system with programs that only use a file many times. It is also the method that we prefer geeks.

  •  Insert the flash drive into a USB port (2.0 or higher).
  • Open a Command Prompt window com administrator permissions. Go to Start and in the search bar type cmd . In the result click the right mouse button and select Ejecutar como administrador .
  • Run the following commands (press Enter after typing each command)
  •     Diskpart (will open in a new window, wait for the cursor to type commands, this takes a while).
How to create bootable USB with Windows 8 & 7
How to create bootable USB with Windows 8 & 7

  • List Disk (displays a list of all hard drives or computer storage devices)
  • Select disk 1 (replaces 1 by the number of your pendrive)
  • Clean (erase all the data on the flash drive)
  • Create primary partition (create a primary partition)
  • Active (mark the primary partition as active)
  • Format fs = fat32 quick (USB drive to FAT32 format)
  • Assign (to confirm changes)
  • Exit (close Diskpart)

Copying  files:

Finally, the USB key, just by putting the Windows 7 or windows 8 DVD disc into the DVD drive and copy the contents of the DVD to the USB key.

Place the USB flash unit or memory on your computer previously configured to boot from USB, you should start the process of installing Windows 7 or windows 8 from a USB stick.
There is no need to install any additional software.

25 January 2013

Aircel Free 250 MB or 2.5 GB GPRS Trick 2013

Hello friendz,
Today we got a new aircel free gprs trick for new year 2013.
Aircel Free 250 MB GPRS Data Trick:-
Aircel users, now you can get Free 250 MB Or 2.5 GB Free GPRS data by this simple but most promising working trick. So, enjoy our this aircel free gprs data trick.
To enjoy this aircel free data pack trick:

Dial- *122*3344#
After Sometime Confirmation SMS Will Be Received.
Saying 3g services has been activated in Your Number.

It'll Give You Either 250MB or 2.5GB Data Usage...

#Note:- Use Pocket Internet Settings For This Trick.
 Offer Validity:- 15 Days.

Check Remaining Data Balance By Dialing *130# or *126*4# or *126*6#

24 January 2013

Aircel Use 3G In 2G Plan New Working Trick

Today We again posting new very best trick for all Aircel users..
Now all aircel users can use Free 3G OnTheir 2G Plans.
Note Keep In Mind Before Start:
*. Keep Minimum Balance 1 Rs. In Your Account.
*. Use Only Limited 2G Packs.
*. This Trick Is For Only Browsing.
*. Downloading Not Allowed Otherwise Balance Will Deduct.
*. Limited Time Trick.
*. Follow Below Steps To Activate 3G In 2G Plan:
Step:-1) First You Have To Recharge With Any Limited 2G Pack. i.e Rs.5 Or Rs. 48
Step:-2) After Successful Limited 2G Pack Recharge, Connect Your Internet By Given Any APN, aircelwebpost , aircelweb or aircelgprs
Step:-3) Then Browse Any Page, Prefer google.com(Having low size) And Then Change Your Network In 3G Mode (UMTS).
Step:-4) Enjoy 3G On In 2G Plans. Enjoy.. Please Share With Your Friends.

Vodafone Free Gprs Trick Working For 2013

Create a new settings:-
Apn : portalnmms
Proxy :
Port : 9401
*. Then type in url box=
Tested in RajasthaN:-):-)

Idea free sms trick 2013

Friends Idea offer free 50
sms daily.
Validity 1 month only.
Its Work In
1. Write A Msg Type MYOFFER
2. And Send To 12345
3. And wait 2 hrs.
4. U will recieve a Msg
5. And U done It
6. Use free 50 Sms Daily.
Balance is not deducted:-)

Airtel free superfast browsing and downloading using Proxy

Here we introduce a new free Airtel proxy with high speed downloading and Resume support.
There is no disconnection problem with this superfast proxy.

Create new settings as given below for Airtel default browser trick.
PORT: 80


Airtel Free Hello Tunes Working 100% in MAHARASHTRA

Hello tune working perfectly in Maharashtra.
Just Dial 578785 And select your callertune free for 90 days☺☺

How to trick Vodafone GPRS to use free internet

Hallo I found this New trick Working In some States. In zero balance
set vodafone live as your default settings.
Then open your web browser
enter this Url
And wait for url bar on webpage
then enter ur url in this url bar and enjoy free internet:-)☺

11 January 2013

How To Increase Internet Speed Trick 100% Working

Hello friends..
Slow internet speed is often a problem while Browsing and we often get irritated so lets try to increase the speed  by just a simple trick.. 

Follow few simple steps as mentioned  below.

. ) Press "Windows Key" and go to "Search Box".
2. ) Type "CMD" or "Command Prompt" dont Run.
3. ) Right Click "CMD" or "Command Prompt" and "Run it as Administrator".
4. ) Type "netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled and Press "Enter".
5. ) Your done.

Go to Control Panel, Click on Programs, Now select Turn Windows Features on or off,

Now Windows Features window will open. Uncheck Remote Differential Compression (RDC IN WIN 7).  click ok.(*don't restart pc*)

 Uncheck  Remote Differential Compression API support(RDC IN WIN 8).

 Go to RUN command, type services,look for BACKGROUND INTELLIGENCE TRANSFER SERVICE it should be in automatic mode, do it as manual it.

  •  Click “Start” and then select “Run”
    Type “gpedit.msc”  for Open Group Policy window
  • In Computer Configuration (left column) click “Administrative Templates”
  • Then click “Network” and click “Qos Packet Schedule”
  • In the Right-column, click “Limit reserve-able bandwidth” for open properties   and make it 0% from 20%
  • Click “Apply” and then “OK”
  • Restart computer and try to surf internet again.

 Finally Restart your PC and open dns or google dns.

AIRTEL all sms @10 paisa its a 100% working

Type SMS 10 And Send it to 51619 . U Will be charged Rs 1 And Your Sms rate will Become 10paise/sms !
Deactivation:- Type DSMS 10 And send it to 51619 Deactive it before 11:59 at night otherwise U Will be charged Rs 1 Again for The next day...!!!
Working fine all over india plz check nD Comment.

How to delete temporary files in windows xp free software

Tool for open source (GPL v2) very fast and easy to clean thetemporary files of the  hard drive for  in the temporary folder on the system, and  the cache of Internet Explorer, Cookies in the folder and the Recycle Bin. Disk cleaner is absolutely free of adware and spyware.

It is very easy to use: just select the items you want to clean, press the button clean and go! Despite the ease of use, extensibility, plug-ins, which are simple text files, verify that Disk Cleaner can also be used by users to specific own. Everything you need to create a simple plug-in is a text editor such as Notepad.

Features of Disk cleaner :

Their action is fast and very easy to handle.
It has plug-ins, formed from text files.
Temporary delete system files and the Internet.
It is an application with its own internal sources.

Direct Download Disk cleaner 1.5.7
Official site link: http://www.diskcleaner.nl/

10 January 2013

Tata DOCOMO launches Always Plus combo recharge offers

Tata Docomo has announced “Combo vouchers” in Andhra Pradesh Circle. On RC 98, Tata Docomo users can enjoy Local Tata-to-Tata calls @ 1p/ 6secs, unlimited Local Tata-to-Tata SMS Free and 1GB 2G Data Free for 30 days.
If you are recharge with RC99, you will get all Local & STD Tata-to-Tata calls @ 1.2p/ 2secs other calls @ 1.2p/ 2secs and 1GB 2G Data Free for 30 days. And on RC 222, user can enjoy full talk-time and all Local & STD calls @ 1p/ 2secs for 30 days.
Details of Tata DoCoMo combo packs:
MRP: 98
Benefits: Local Tata-to-Tata calls @1p/ 6secs
SMS: unlimited Local Tata-to-Tata SMS Free
Data: 1GB 2G Data Free
Validity: 30 days
MRP: 99
Benefits: Local & STD Tata-to-Tata calls @ 1.2p/ 2secs other calls @ 1.2p/ 2secs.
Data: 1GB 2G Data Free
Validity: 30 days
MRP: 222
Talk-time: 222
Benefits: All Local & STD calls @ 1p/ 2secs.
Validity: 30 days
For more details, you can call at 52222.

How to shut Down Windows 8 Easily

When a person go for shutdown then he/she want to do it quickly. But in Windows 8 it takes multiple steps. You have to open the Charms bar >> Settings >> Power  and finally "Shut down". But I have a trick, with this you can create a desktop shortcut that will reduce these four steps to just one.

How To Do This:

  1. First of all right click on Desktop.
  2. Choose “New-Shortcut”
  3. Go to the line labelled “Type the location of the item…”
  4. Here just type shutdown.exe -s -t 0 and click on "next"
  5. Give a suitable name like Shutdown and click on "finish".
Note: Once the shortcut is created, you can pin it to the Taskbar.

How To Pin it To Taskbar:

  1. Just Right-click the shortcut
  2. And click “Pin to Taskbar”
Note: You can also place the shortcut on the Metro (Modern) interface

How To Place:

  1. Again for this Right-click the shortcut
  2. And Click “Pin to Start”

How To Send a Free Fax Online

Hello friends sometime we want to send Fax and to send Fax we have to go to fax shop and cost money for that.Think if i give you free platform to send fax which saves your time as well as money.I sure you will be happy to know.
Yes this is true in my today's post i teach you how to send free fax online.To do so you have account in either Google or Microsoft.

1)Sign up by click here using Google or Microsoft Account.

2)After sign up you will see a screen as below.

Everything is easy to use:-
In first option Upload File that you want to send.You will also add file from Box, Skydive And also from drive.
And in second option add the destination Fax Number or email address.

One Limitation is still there: To receive the fax you have to pay $7.99/Month.

And Great thing is that you used these services on Iphone/Ipad also.

09 January 2013

Highspeed Airtel Free GPRS Proxy January 2013 Trick

Lets See the features of this Airtel Proxy Trick:-
1.) It Work On PC & Mobile Both.
2.) Very High Speed Proxy.
3.) High Speed in 3G Mode.
4.) Also Work On zero Balance.
6.) Working In Many States.
7.) No Balance Will Deducted.

Steps To Connect Airtel Proxy on Mobile:-
a.) Create a New Setting On Your Mobile With:
Name-Any Thing
APN- airtelgprs.com
Proxy- Or Or
Home Page- http://www. google .com or any working realhosts
b.) Now Save Your Setting.
c.) Switch Off Ur Phone And Then On It.
d.) Activate The Setting.
e.) That's All Enjoy.. Free Airtel 3G On Ur Mobile..

On PC:-
a.) Connect with the setting airtelgprs.com as APN.
b.) Go to Firefox /opera/Chrome Network Setting
c.) Fill the above Proxy address and port in it
d.) Save the Settings
That's all !!

NOTE:-When VPN tricks Not Work Then User Use Proxy Trick And increasing Use Of Proxy Will Block Your Airtel Sim. So, Disconnect After High Usage And then Reconnected It.

airtel operamini free gprs trick with download support

First of all create a new configuration settings in your phone as given below.

Now download OPERAmini handler 5.1 or 7 or 6.5(YOU CAN DOWNLOAD
OPERAMINI HANDLERS FROM www.google.com and
PUT Frontquery as
and also select proxy type Realhost and put
proxy as

thats all.The trick supports both browsing and downloading.


Vodafone Free Gprs Trick January 2013

Want Free GPRS Connection For Vodafone On Your UC Browser/Operamini?
Learn to Hack GRPS settings for Vodafone and use free internet.
By this simple trick you can make it live.

STEP 1: For this you have to download a UC BROWSER HANDLER or OPERAMINI HANDLER.
STEP 2: Install the handler.
STEP 3: Open it,there you find a option named"NETWORK SETTINGS".
STEP 4: Open the settings and edit the PROXY TYPE to REAL HOST and fill the proxy server to a valid proxy adress.
STEP 5: Exit from network settings and press SAVE CHANGES AND BACK ,now you can enjoy the free vodafone unlimited GPRS.

If these proxy's do not work you can find more proxy adresses by simply googling.

NB: Try at low balance.

08 January 2013

How To Edit YouTube Audio Clips Online

Hello friends today i am having a better way to Edit YouTube audio clips online.Story is that today i got a website www.mp3cut.net with the use of this you can edit YouTube Audio clips by adding YouTube videos URL.
Also you can add file from your local machine(Means from your computer)

Follow The Steps To Convert:

Step 1: Open www.mp3cut.com. You will see a screen like below.If you want to edit file from your local machine then click on Open File otherwise click on from YouTube or SoundCloud.

Step 2: If we want to Edit from YouTube then after click on from YouTube or SoundCloud option you will see a screen as below and then add the URL of YouTube video and click on open you will see a loading screen as shown below and then wait for loading.

Step 3: When the loading is complete then you will see a screen as shown below.Now you can also cut the tone by using moving sliders.Or download the full audio clip.After that click on Cut.

Step 4:Done after that a downloading link is appear as shown in the screenshot Click on the link to download the Audio clip.

Top 6 Free Antivirus Download Of 2013

Hello friends 2012 is comes to end and  everyone enjoy the free antivirus of 2012.So today i made a list of free  antiviruses of 2013.

1)Quick Heal Antivirus 2013: Quick heal antivirus comes in first because according to me it is the best antivirus i used ever.

Click Here To Download For 32 Bit

Click Here to Download For 64 bit

To know more about this antivirus Click Here

2)Avira Antivirus 2013:  This antivirus comes in second position according to me.

Avira antivirus 2013 is comes with 30 Day free trial version.

Specifications: you can get only these three specification in free antivirus.
1)System Scanner prevents infection from viruses, worms and Trojans.

2)AHeAD Technology halts unknown code that looks suspicious.

3)No awkward options - Express Installation sets up your security system for you.
Click Here To Download Avira 2013 Antivirus

Click Here To Download Avira Internet Security 2013

Click Here To Download Avira Security Plus 2013

3)AVG Antivirus 2013: This Antivirus comes in third position according to me.
AVG Antivirus 2013 is comes with 30 days trial version.

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4)ESET Nod Antivirus 2013: This Antivirus comes in fourth position according to me.
This antivirus also comes with 30 days trial version.

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5)Kaspersky Antivirus 2013: This Antivirus comes in fifth postion according to me.
This also comes with 30 days trial version.

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6)McAFee Antivirus 2013: This Antivirus comes into sixth postion according to me.This also having 30 day trial.

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Get Back Start Menu in Windows 8 With Start W8

Windows 8 looks awesome but one thing that many people missing,  is Start Menu. But we are here for solution and we have a great solution with easiness. StartW8 releases a new app which allows you to put it back to your Windows.

This app is available for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit and free of cost. With this application you can customize the look of the Start menu. It allows you to customize the Menu items according to your choice.

System requirements:

32bit or 64bit version of Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro, or Windows Server 2012. 

StartW8 key features:

  • Automatically switch to desktop immediately after signing in
  • Added Windows Start menu in Windows 8 design, but Windows 7 functionality
  • Activate menu with Win key
  • Log off, lock and turn off buttons
  • Traditional search field
  • All user configurable
  • Support for silent installation
  • Multilingual support

Click Here For Download

07 January 2013

Download Flow Swiftkey beta for Android mobile

Flow Swifkey beta is an extension of the terminal keyboard Android. Especially notable for its speed at the time of writing, fingers slipping and his prediction to guess words.

We also have the ability to write many words or phrases together without lifting your finger from the keyboard in question, Yes, everytime you press the spacer to separate words.

As soon as download, install Swifkey flow how to replace the main keyboard for Android. Remember that it is completely available in Spanish and it comes with colors of different themes and styles gives us the ability to "tune" your keyboard.

We're in luck because you can download a beta of the web, but in the case of a version not end can still find some errors. You can download the application from its official web site.
Download Flow Swiftkey beta

Modded operamini 4.2 for free vodafone gprs

It is a Modded version of Opera Mini 4.2 which can be used for getting free GPRS on Vodafone.This app can be used on every handset supporting java .JAR .We have checked this with Symbian s60, s40 and was working fine without any problem.You can use this app even in Android by using any JAVA emulators for Android.

How to get Vodafone Free Internet?
*. You have to download and install the modded operamini 4.2 on your phone.
*. You need Vodafone Mobile Connect settings.
*. If you don't have any, send ALL to 52586.
*. After just Installing App, just use .


Modded ucweb 8.7 for free airtel gprs

Here is the Airtel modded version of newly released UC Browser 8.7. With this app you can browse and download for free from Airtel.This new application has new features such as Multi account manger.
This trick is working on both 2g and 3g.Use mobile office as your default setting's for GPRS. If you don't have any settings, just send MO to 543210.You can download this software from the link's given below


06 January 2013

Why My Adsense Account is Disabled? And What i Do To Enabled My Account?

Hello friends today want to share my experience with you which is why Google Adsense disabled ads on my blog??And what i do after that.I tell you one thing that this is happened two times with me.
So if your Adsense Account is also disabled by Google Adsense then follow these simple steps to approved your account.

Message Sent By Adsense:- received this message from Google Adsense On 9 Nov.  And i am very upset to receive that message from Adsense. Below is the screenshot of message sent by Google Adsense.

So What I Do There:- As you can read the above message the reason is clear that they banned my website  due to "Hacking and Cracking Content" on my website.
So i take 2 or 3 days and delete all Hacking content from my website.This is big mistake done by me because i lose half of my traffic after doing this(I explain this on next step when Second time Adsense Disabled ads on my website.)
Remember:-Only delete that post from your blog which is sent by google adsense Like in the screenshot above "Example Page Where violation Occurred".Or Delete 2 or 3 posts from your blog and fill the Appeal form By going to the url below.
I also fill the Voilation Appeal form and send to Google Adsense then i got a Good reply from Adsense.Which is shown in the screenshot Below.
And after some time my ads are running but i lose half of my traffic which is bad news from me.

Second time When Again Ads Are Disabled:- After some day i again get a mail from Google Adsense that your ads are disabled.Screenshot is below. Now the disabled my ads due to this post "How to hack gmail password"
What I Do Here:- Because my traffic is very down due to deletion of posts from my blog.So now i decided to delete only 1 post.Which is send by Google Adsense.And Fill the Appeal Form.
Result:- After some time i got positive result i Adsense again approved my ads.So remember dont delete all your Hacking Content Posts or posts which is comes in violation. Only delete that post which is sent by Adsense on Mail.
So this is my experience...
Leave comment below for Query or Sugestion....

How to Create Google+ Community

Google+  has 235 million active users from around the World. No doubt figure is high but nothing new in Google+. For attention now Google+ rolling out a new feature called Google+ Community, it works like Facebook groups (another similar feature). With Google+ community you can share your thoughts for certain group of peoples and make hangouts with them. So follow below steps:

How To Do:

  • First of all open your Google+ Account 
  • Now click on a new community icon or you can open this link also plus.google.com/communities

  • Here you see community page, now click on "CREATE A COMMUNITY" button and select your privacy options (same as facebook) and enter your community name.
  • Again click on Create community button at the bottom of the page as shown in image.

  •  Congratulation!! Now your Community has been created
  • You can modify your community page with your logo, description and many more things.
  • Now finally click on Done editing.
That's all your community page created, you can invite your friends and share your updates on your Google+ Community.

Airtel Free GPRS Proxy January 2013 Tricks

Step 1: For this you have to download Opera Handler.
Step 2: Install the Handler.
Step 3: After installing open it, there you will
find a "settings"optio
n. Open it and change the proxy type to REALHOST and the proxy
server to a valid proxy address*.
Step 4: Save these settings from Handler menu, and enjoy ......

* Some of the Valid
Proxy Address for Airtel are listed below:

thats it.

05 January 2013

Usb Disc Security Latest Version With Username and Serial Key

File Version:
USB Disk Security Final Version
USB Disk Security
USB Disk Security
USB Disk Security is the Powerful Utility Software that can remove the threats and malwares and compromise your Personal Information Via USB Storage.USB Disk Security Gives 100% protection against any malicious programs and threats via USB drive.It scans your USB Drives and any virus is there in that drive at the starting it removes Virus from that drive and gives the full protection to your personal Computer or Laptop .Here Today We are Providing the Full Version of USB disc Security Latest Version that compatible with the windows all versions with username and serial key.

Actual Price for one licence is $55USD. But we are give away this software with perfectly working serial keys .

Download :-
You can download From here ..:USB Disc Security.

Serial key :-
After Downloading the Software enter the registration details as  shown in the Below Image.
For More Visit :Proversiosoftwares

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