31 August 2013

Top 10 Most Useful Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft releases Windows 8 in August 2012 and it comes in market with all new and unique features. Its fully different UI attracts users but its also fact people not warmly welcome Microsoft new Windows version the reason behind this response is very simple and that is people aren't aware of its cool Apps offered in its App store. But i am sure after reading this post, your view against Windows 8 is fully changed because in this post have discussed Top 10 Most Useful Windows 8 Apps

1. Free Books

free books app for windows 8

Free Books App as its name suggest you to download Free Books and it offers 23,469 Classic Books which you can download anytime and can read it on any device like Laptop or Kindle readers. This App also offers best search option which is very easy and efficient to find your desired books without any waiting. Free Books app has many options including Featured Books and Editor's Choice. If you love reading then you must love Free Books app.

2. Google Search
Google Search
Google Search no need any introduction even a layman also know about it, but here we discuss Google search app in Windows 8. Google search app provides faster way to search about your desired queries on Google. This app is Loaded with many features like Voice search, Image search etc. Google Instant helps in instant searching which mean you don't need to press enter key just type your desired query and Google will find your result. It also loaded with many other features.

3. HowStuffWorks
HowStuffWorks app for windows 8

How Stuff Works website is the most popular website among people. It is a quality website which offers excellent article and videos about How Stuff Works, So this was the intro about the Website, but what is this app? HowStuffWorks app is very simple but most useful in work because it offers all the articles and videos of the web site as a package on the app through which you can access the videos and articles from the app itself.Or in Simple Terms you can say that this app converts the website information into a Bundled app.

4. Toolbox for Windows 8
Toolbox for Windows 8

Toolbox App provides some best tools for Desktop which are really impressive. All Tools which offers by Toolbox app are small but well-organized and most useful. This App can run 6 tools on one screen only and its very important feature of Toolbox like it provides you to Surf Web through Toolbox Browser at the same time Doing Some Mathematical Calculation through the same toolbox tool. You can also run 6 different tools simultaneously at one screen. Currently Toolbox app of Windows 8 provide 12 tools including Voice Notes, Facebook, Doodles and much more.

5. WordPress
WordPress app Windows 8

WordPress is the one of the best and most famous Blogging platform and now it has showed his Presence on Windows 8 app store. This app is small, launching pretty simple design but most useful app for Windows 8 users. It can read and share the Contents of blogs. This app allows its users to read the blogs you follow and share their contents easily but first you have to just sign in through your WordPress account on this app. This is most useful app for Bloggers.

6. Skype Voice Changer
Skype Voice Changer app Windows 8

If you love fun then you will surely love this app because Skype Voice Changer app is a pretty much fun app like its name. This app helps you to change your voice on Skype Calls. It provides list of different voices to change it with your voice on Skype calls. It is most useful app for Skype users So, with help of this app you can play funny pranks with your friends.

7. Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger app Windows 8

Facebook the World most powerful and famous Social Networking site and now it is also in the windows 8 app store by launching its Facebook messenger in Windows 8 app store. This app is just like mobile Facebook messenger which allows its users to chat with their friends on Facebook even when they aren't logged in.

8. Pinball FX 2
Pinball FX 2

Pinball FX 2 is a gaming app which based on the Windows game Pinball but now in windows 8 it comes with much cool interface. In Windows 8 Pinball has been upgraded with much more interesting and amazing graphics and also loaded with more pinball tables which makes the game more interesting.

9. Multimedia 8
Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8 app is for all Windows users who love Windows media Center which is missing in Windows 8. But you don't need to worry about anymore because Multimedia 8 app allow you to browse and access to music and video files. Multimedia 8 app also has many other features like 3D Video Converting, video support, Video and audio capture and much more amazing features.

10. Metro Commander

Metro Commander

Metro Commander app is File Manager which helps to manage Files with a Windows 8 awesome UI. It provides all features which a File Manager should have other than that additionally you can manage file on the web with your Skydrive account.


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