29 March 2013

Vodafone 3G Proxy Trick Working - exclusive

Here is Trick.
Without any introduction or anything since this is a proxy trick and everybody knows welll how to use it ,Iam giving a wonderful voda 3G proxy trick..
+ APN: www
+ Proxy :
+ Port : 80
OK, after this setup the
Home-Page as
+ Homepage :
~ Note : i know this trick is banned before some days..i posted this because even though it is banned it is still working in some states..
If it does'nt work for u Friends try this Proxy with the Peoples or Ultrasurf it will work.
Confirmed the in kerala and tamilnadu in default browser this trick is not working.
But working in Ultrasurf or peoples..
For any one if this proxy trick not working then try this superb one..
Its confirmed working in rajasthan,kerala,etc..
Here is another proxy trick..
+ APN : Portalnmms
+ Proxy :
+ Port : 9401 or 8799
+ Home Page : live.vodafone.in

New airtel rip trick 100% working

This new ip for downloading and browsing in opera mini.Here is the trick.Its working all states that opens facebook free. And the ip is 'm.ak.fbcdn.net'
How to use:
Create settings as,
+ Apn: airtelgprs.com
+ Proxy: server4.operamini.com
+ Port: 80
In opera mini handler,Select proxy type as http and put proxy server as 'm.ak.fbcdn.net'.
If not working then try with proxy type as realhost or host
Its working for me great in tamilnadu.Try this at low balance(0.2 or below)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brand new aircel free gprs trick

Good Friends !!
Now I am Back with New Aircel Free Gprs Trick January 2013
Just Follow Below Instructions:
*. Proxy: 99.567.67.87
*. Port: 8080
*. Apn: aircelweb
*. Homepage: www.2011networktricks.blogspot.com
Note:- Save This Settings And Restart Your Mobile..!
Use This Trick at Low Balance..!
Enjoy !!

Find Working Proxies for Using in Airtel - Vodafone with Port 80 Trick

Hello Friends,
Just as i was browsing the Tricks Portal, i saw many threads sharing single proxy and blah blah blah..,
so here's a small yet simple tutorial which will help you to find any number of resume supported proxies on your own
The Method is quite simple.. and is as follows
1. As you know there are loats and loats of proxies in the www,but its difficult to google them...
so here is the simplest method- : Proxy Lists
there are many of these type of site - they contain the URL/Web Address of the Proxy..and although there are many but some of them which i use are,i use many but here are some of them are
1. http://Unblock.me
2. http://www.azproxies.com/
3. http://proxy.org/cgi_proxies.shtml
4. http://goldproxylist.com/
5. http://prx.centrump2p.com/english/
There are loats of proxies !! select any and as many as u want , or you can select the one whose name you liked d most..
Now these sites give you proxy which is generally a URL, so you may be saying how to convert it into numerical form nd all..
so just copy the url into sites like
Then click on search/ go you will get all the details about the server and as well as the IP used.,.
you'll get the Numerical IP of the Proxy which you can use wd the Port 80,with the home page/page accessible to you free of cost:-)

Latest Airtel 3G Proxy Trick

Again Airtel Proxy Working Fine Delhi and Other State. We have uploaded Previously Front Query . But We Found a new Proxy trick for Everyone. You can use High Speed internet withthis proxy trick. This is home page Based tricky. We preferred to use only below Home page . Because in this home page no any balance deduction problem. Latest Proxy working most of the all States. No SIM Blocking , NO disconnection Problem and No Balance deduction Problem in this proxy and home page . PD Proxy also Working Many State . Confirm Working in Punjab.So enjoy free proxy trick.
*. How to Proxy Configuration ?

This is the Old method , Everyone knows about method .
APN > airtelgprs.com
Proxy >
Port > 80
Home Page >
*. NOTE : FACEBOOK Fans can USE free unlimited Just Put the home page (0.facebook.com)
Proxy and Port : Blank
Above trick working all over India . Rest of India User’s Try Different Defout Airtel APN
*. Advantage of Free Airtel Proxy 15 2013
Ø Apn As airtelgprs.com
Ø Based on Proxy trick
Ø Unlimited
Ø High speed internet
Ø Nil Problem
Ø Don’t miss like on facebook
Ø Pause before 50 MB download
Ø No SIM Block Problem:-):-)

Exclusively Airtel TCP VPN for Delhi

This time for Enjoy for Delhi & Rajasthan User’s . Airtel TCP VPN Working Great . My Friend Rupesh is used now in Delhi . We Have Prviously Uloaded the Vodafone TCP VPN and After 2 Days Again Latest Airtel TCP VPN specially Delhi and Rajasthan User’s . Other States User also Try . In Delhi Downloading SpeedUp to 300 Kbps. I think Huge Chances of Working Wherever Airtel TCP Port is Open. In Rajasthan also Airtel TCP Port is Opening So Rajasthan user’s Also Try . In my City makrana working confirm .
*. How to Configure ?
Eveybody know this procedures we always write . But for the new user must be specified.So here are telling.
*. Download NMDVPN
*. Download Configuration File
Copy and paste Downloaded Configuration File into programe file > NMDVPN > Cofig (paste here)
And Connect . your internet ready to Surf Freely.
*. Benefit of Airtel TCP VPN
*. High Speed Internet (Browsing and Downloading)
*. Premium Server
*. Based on TCP VPN
*. No Speed And Disconnection Problem
*. Confirm Working in Rajasthan and Delhi
*. Working Chance of State (MH,WB,Kerala,HR,HP)
IF Note Working Above State Try These Below Home pages
MH . or 0.facebook.com
Kerala .
Haryana .
Himachal Pradesh.
WB . d.airtelworld.com
These States User’s Change HOME Page and Try VPN If Working Than Comment . Because Your Comment is Very Important For Us:-):-)

28 March 2013

How to Display Adsense Ads below First Post in Blogger

If you wanna earn more money thru Adsense or wanna display more and more Ad units on blog, then i will give you a good and effective solution for this. This method is already used by blogger But you can manually add anything. Follow below steps and get:

  1. First of all open Blogger.com and login.
  2. Now go to Template >> Edit HTML.
  3. Simply click on Expand Template Widgets
  4. Here search for <b:include data='post' name='post'/> and copy full point number 5, and paste below it. 
  5. <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
    <b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>
    <div style='border:1px solid #ccc;background:#f9f9f9;margin-bottom:15px;padding:10px;text-align:center'>
     "Put your code here" 
  6. Replace the "Put your code here" with your code for ad or anything.
That's All. You can add anything here or use it as you as you want.

Speed Up Your Computer with Run commands

Learn how to speed up your computer with simple RUN commands.This can improve your PC processing speed and simultaneously you can save loading time of computer files like MP3 etc and system Drives.Before going to know the commands to operate let us know some of the mistakes we do that kills computer speed.

Avoid Doing this:

These are the most common mistakes that can kill the processing speed of the computer.So avoid those and gain the speed.
Never keep all the files/folders on the Desktop Screen.
Don't add too many side bar widgets.
Don't add animation images on Desktop.
Avoid too many Start Up programs.
Avoid keeping unused programs which occupies the disk space.

Follow these Steps:

Follow the steps given below to improve computer speed and keep your computer safe.
Use Strong anti-virus to keep away your computer from Mall-ware and spyware.
Never log out system with out closing all the applications and folders.
Use Disk space cleaner tools to free disk space.
If you want to delete a file permanently use SHIFT+DELETE
Don't open too many folders or application at once.
Most common but yet we should remember this Refresh the computer every time when you log in.This can be done either by Functional key F5 or right click on the desktop screen and then click "Refresh" option.


Use the following run commands to remove the systems temporary and recent files whenever you feel that system is working slowly with that you can  improve computer  processing.

Open Run command and type the following commands one-by-one and delete those files and folders permanently from your computer.Some of the files won't delete then let it  be and skip those files.

Run commands:


How To Block Games and Apps Requests in Facebook

A got many Games and Apps request daily, some times these things irritate me. So I searched on internet and got solution. Many of you thinking about addon, but this time no addon no tool. Just make small changes in FB and get solution. Follow below steps and get solution:

  1. First of all login to your Facebook account and go to Facebook request page.
  2. On this page you can see all the request and games invites that you received from your friends.
  3. All the game and app request are listed here, you can block any game or app from here. To block the specific request or invite, click on the x icon button of the app request. Click “Ignore all requests” option to block all invites from that friends. SSo no one can send those invites and request on your Facebook profile.
That's it. I think its very simple like addon, In this way you can block all the unwanted request of app and games on your Facebook profile.

Convert Your Facebook Page into a Website | Make Website in One Minute

Lots of people having Facebook page. Almost every blogger also have a FB page. Here are lots of people who contain a popular Facebook page but don't have any website. If you are one of them then you can easily make a website just in a minute with your FB page. A simple tool called EXAI is available that allows users to turn your Facebook Page into Website or Mobile site free of cost with some clicks.


1. A Website in 1 Click
2. Matching Mobile Site

3. Easy to use interface

4. Free SEO

5. Free Hosting 

6. Hire Professionals

7. Amazing Photo Effects

8. Lots of Widgets

For making a website just click on this link
exai.com and go to website. Here click on start and Just do 3 simple steps. The free site URL will be www.xxxxxx.exai.com, if you want to set your own custom domain name to your website go to pricing options.

27 March 2013

How to access gmail from Facebook?

Now you can access gmail from your Facebook account by a new Fb app. This new app called Fmail in facebook, through this app you can access gmail. You can check your mails and also you can send mails from your facebook account. To do this just go this application.

How to access gmail from FB ?
You must enable cookies on your browser to use this app. Just go to the above link and allow the application to access your details. After that give your gmail account username and password into the application window. That's all. this application also alerts you automatically when you receive email for

Bsnl balance transfer trick

How to transfer balance talktime from Bsnl.

Bsnl users can transfer their balance talktime to other bsnl prepaid users using this simple steps. It might be very handy at times, like in cases where you want to recharge your friend’s or relative’s mobile in the middle of night. Or in cases like you are going to dispose your bsnl prepaid sim and has lots of prepaid balance talktime in it. So it would be helpful at certain times like in the above scenarios and many similar situations like these. So if you are a bsnl subscriber and think that this trick would be helpful in some instant you can store the transfer format in your mobiles message box as a draft or in your notes. The balance transfer is possible between two bsnl prepaid customers only. You  need to activate this service prior to transfering balance and obtain a pincode to secure your balance transfer.

Bsnl balance transfer format.

To transfer balance from your bsnl prepaid number you have to follow the below simple steps.
  1. To register for balance transfer type “ptop” without quotes and send to the toll free number 54455. In reply you will recieve a secret pin number (password)
  2. To gift the amount to another number type “GIFT 9000000000 amt pin” and send to 54456 (rs 2 per message)
  3. use the number to which balance is transferred instead of 9000000000 and the amount to to be transferred instead of amt
  4. eg: GIFT(space)number to which balance has to be transferred(space)amount to be transferred(space)password and send to 54456

Conditions for successful balance transfer.

  1. you need to have balance above rs 200 even after the transfer. That is if you have 230 rs balance you can transfer 30 rs and less only.
  2. You can only transfer multiples of 10 like 20, 30, 40 and maximum of rs 200 in a single transaction.
  3. You can have only maximum 5 transactions per month.
  4. The service may not be available in all bsnl circles call customer care and confirm.

Bsnl charges for balance transfer.

  1. 2 rs for each transfer sms.
  2. 10% of transferred amount is deducted as service charge.

To unsubscribe bsnl balance transfer facility.

Type “deregisterptop” without quotes and send to 54455 (toll free)
If you have any doubts regarding the bsnl balance transfer procedure feel free to comment here. And also comment if this trick is working in your circle. Please mention your circle name or region in the comments. If you think this post was informative and helpful for you please share it with your friends and let them know. stay subscribed with us for more information and tricks related to bsnl and other operators. Thanks for reading us.

Password function using Windows 8

Microsoft has made ​​a big deal earlier this month about the new authentication method on Windows 8, which refers to the picture password feature for its next operating system.

The official blog of the developers of Windows 8 has dedicated not only one but two articles referring to this development.

    In Windows 8 will be a new system that will allow users the option  with the help of a motion picture on the touch screen to create what Microsoft calls "system strong password", if used correctly.

   Is this Security or vulnerability??

The new system of passwords and security of images is a factor. According to technology website reports NetworkWorld.com, detailing the SecurID system creator of the two factors, the picture password feature of Windows 8 "is just cute", but if you look from a security standpoint, could have several problems later.

One of the main problems of this system according to Weiss, is that current video cameras can capture a person making movements necessary to unlock Windows 8, even from a distance.

While in a normal password system, people on the screen are replaced when the user points, making the act of registration of shares in connection with a video camera, is much harder.

26 March 2013

How to add or delete user account in windows 8

How to add or delete a user account in windows 8.

Windows 8 is a lot more different from any other. This is the biggest transition seen from windows. A huge change. So it has become harder to start understanding things in windows 8 and changing its settings. Its not so unfriendly but still its hard to get coped with it. so here in freetrics you will get tips on windows 8 for customizations which users used to do in windows 7 with the same easiness. Windows 8 was designed for touch interface pcs, so the interface is a bit different. The user guide will contain screenshots to give pictorial idea on how to customize it.

To add or delete a user account in windows 8 follow these simple steps.

  • From the home screen of windows 8 simply type in “control panel”.
  • On the left side select control panel.
  • In control panel of windows 8 select the user accounts option.
  • In there click the small link saying “delete user”.
  • From the next window select the user you want to delete and confirm.
  • You are done, You can add new user to your windows 8 pc from the same settings option
  • Refer to the screenshots if you have any problems
windows 8 delete user

windows 8 add delete user

windows 8 add dlete user
So that is it. If you have any troubles doing this, feel free to discuss it in the comments section. If you found this post helpful share it with your friends. Stay subscribed with us for more updates on windows 8 help guides

TeamViewer 8.0.1017 for Android Download

TeamViewer is awesome utility for professionals. Its a remote control application that allows users to remotely control computers from anywhere and any other devices including Android and iOS. Easily support friends and family when they have computer problems - no matter where you are. You can also benefit from gaining access to your private home computer to edit documents or use particular software while you are on the road.

New Features:

  • All new input method for Tablets: Control the computer with direct touch gestures instead of moving the cursor
  • New Registration site for Computers &Contacts
  • New app instructions
  • Optimized for Android 4.2
  • Android tablets can remote control Windows 8 computers using the Windows 8 native gestures
  • Various other improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Make-over of the app settings
About This App:
  • Updated:
  • Current Version: 8.0.1017
  • Requires Android: 2.1 and up
  • Size: 10M
  • Price: Free

23 March 2013

Shutdown Windows 8 Automatically at Midnight

Many people like me have to sleep, leaving the computer running. This is not a good thing, but we don't do this intentionally. Now these days I am using Win 8 and in Window 8′s Task Manager I can easily schedule my computer to turn itself off at night, usually midnight when not in use.

Microsoft making windows smarter, so use its smartness for your easiness. This is an excellent feature of Task Manager. This is one of the most popular tools of power users and can be used to schedule almost a limitless number of actions on your system.

Steps To Do:

  1. First of all open Start Menu.
  2. Now search for Schedule tasks.
  3. New window will open, this is Task Scheduler.
  4. Now select Create Task from the Actions banner on the right. 
  5. Give a suitable name to your task, after that click on Triggers.  
  6. Under this select New.
  7. Set up the settings and Click OK.
  8. After all these, click on the Actions tab.
  9. Now select New.
  10. Here simply type shutdown in the Program/script box, after that click OK
  11. At last click on the Conditions tab.
  12. Check the box next to Start the task only if the computer is idle for: 
  13. Simply adjust the time intervals and Click OK
Note: I wanna say one thing that is your computer will be turned off even if you are not there to initiate the shutdown.

Keyboard Shortcuts For VLC Media Player

Now these days I am watching lots of movies that's why I am posting about VLC. Many people use this for watching movies, but some of them knows shortcut of this media player. Today I am posting full list of VLC shortcuts, I call it Time Saving Shortcuts.

  1. Z - Zoom mode 
  2. F - Full screen
  3. V - Subtitle Cycle
  4. M - Mute 
  5. Ctrl+Up/Down - To Increase and decrease volume 
  6. Ctrl+Q - To Exit from VLC 
  7. Ctrl+Right/Left - To Skip a 1 minute in the Audio/Video 
  8. Ctrl+Alt+Right and Ctrl+Alt+Left - To Skip a 5 Second in the Audio/Video
  9. T - To Check Remaining time in a Video
  10. S - To stop a video or audio.
  11. Space - To play or pause

22 March 2013

Latest Android Mobile secret tricks

Hello guys today I am back with latest Android code and hack collection which are very important in our daily Life!!!
I am Going to post all working code!!

Secret codes for Android mobile operating system:
Phone and Battery information Code:
Factory Data reset Code:
Full Factory Format Code:
*2767*3855# (Dangerous)
GTalk Service Monitor Code:
Camera Firmware settings Code :
Service mode Codes:
This code can be used to enter into Service mode. You can run various tests and change settings in the service mode.
WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth Test Codes:
WLAN test (Use"Menu" button to start various tests) :
Shows WiFi MAC address :
GPS test :
Another GPS test : *#*#1575#*#*
Bluetooth test : *#*#232331#*#*
Shows Bluetooth device address : *#*#232337#*#
Codes to launch various Factory Tests:
Packet Loopback:
LCD test :
Melody test:
Device test(Vibration test and BackLight test) :
Touch screen version :
Touch screen test:
Proximity sensor test :
RAM version :
Codes to get Firmware version information:
PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate : *#*#4986*2650468#*#*
PDA and Phone :
FTA SW Version :
FTA HW Version :
PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Changelist number :

18 March 2013

Free Tata Docomo Unlimited GPRS Trick 2013

Hello Friends !! here is in 2013 latest fast proxy trick for Tata Docomo Network Users. This trick is working with Resume support with downloads and with YouTube, Facebook too. You can download by very fast speed also.This trick is working with 2G and 3G both.So just use it and enjoy super fast 3G speed for free.

Follow the Steps Below : -

You  should gonna do to have unlimited gprs.

Tata docomo users now browser free gprs in opera mini 6 
use this proxy settings for all s60 user int
erface now get unlimited access to free net using this pro
xy change in docomo divein settings,

No balance will be deduced form ur account.


    Account Name : docomo divein
    Homepage: http://divein.tatadocomo.com
    Accespoint :TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN
    Leave username and password as blank 
    Proxy address:
    Proxy port :8080
    Data bearer : GPRS/ Packet Data
    Authentication Type : Normal

Vodafone 2G & 3G trick 2013 With Super Fast Speed

Hi Friends Today i will share the vodafone internet trick for 2013 .By this Trick you will get 6 GB Free Internet Data for 6 Months .This Latest Trick Already Tested before published in Rajasthan,Punjab,Haryana,West Bengol and other places .So hurryup 

 Process :-

Proxy Settings for Vodafone unlimited 3g Hack:-

APN – portalnmms
Port No. – 9401 or 8799
Use the above mentioned IP address and Port No. in different combinations with each other i.e IP: with Port: 8799, etc. 

Make these Settings as Below :-

Account Name:- vodafone gprs

Home Page:- live.vodafone.in


Apn:- portalnmms

Port:- 9401 Or 8799


  • Just Type ACT FB And then Send the Message to 144.

  • After you will Get the Conformation msg and Free Internet For 6 Months .

If You Want Increase Your Internet Data Then Try this Again In Same Process

So enjoy the trick  and plz try the trick in Low Balance .

The Trick Works Depends On Network Services in the States and this is working in some states only so plz dont get Irritated if this is not working.

Watch free online movies from Android mobile

For movie lovers, now, give your thanks to Android, Now you can have it in your own home without having to go anywhere. It turns out a number of applications that allow us to see, for free, full movies or series. Download the Android applications below and you can watch free online full movies on your Android device.

Watch free online movies from Android mobile

The movies will not have limitations like Megavideo, in this case the videos can be seen on YouTube, because it is there will be accommodated.

It will play any movie, provided it is in the catalog offered.

For those who prefer to watch series, this application will offer you the same way you do in the movies, unlike content.

We will be able to find series, cartoons and documentaries, all in english, or those who prefer the original version with subtitles, also can choose this option.

And finally this also will be honored to offer movies in HD. Thanks to this we can look premieres, series, anime, telenovelas, documentaries and children's shows in high definition.

A difference from other applications, this menu consists of fairly slow, besides the discomfort to navigate.

Just as with movies online, we have the option to watch movies in their original version and see the content in other languages ​​such as , English, Hindi, Tamil. There is no flash player needed for these applications.But If you are using Android 3.x or Android 4.x download Movies HD Pro.Flash player is required.

Google Play Download links:
HD Movies 

Easy Hide Ip Full Version Free Downlaod

Easy Hide Ip Version Free Downlaod www.2011networktricks.blogspot.com
Easy Hide IP 'Hide my IP' edition is the worlds most advanced IP changer, bypass virtually any form of censorship or internet traffic blocking imposed on you by your ISP, your company, or third parties. Your internet traffic is routed through remote servers.On your ISP's log file, only the IPs of the remote servers will be shown, not the sites you have visited.
Easy Hide IP protects your identity by replacing your real IP address with a different one. You will appear to access the internet from a different location, not your own. Your real location is never revealed.
Why should I Hide my IP?
Your IP address can link your internet activities directly to you, itcan be used to find your name and address. Easy Hide IP 'Hide my IP' edition protects your online identity by hiding your IP address and giving you a new one.
How does Easy Hide IP hide my IP address?
Easy Hide IP 'Hide my IP' edition routes all your internet traffic through our network of dedicated internet servers so that all remote servers that you connect to can only see the IP address of our server and not your original IP address.
Click Here To Download
Size("5.94 Mb")
Thanks for Downloading.... Easy Hide Ip Full Version Free Download

MTS 3g working free gprs proxy trick

Hello Friends..!!
Once again i have big speed mts trick for you.
Really its free for you..!!
Follow this steps
Go to mozilla firefox now just go to tools option
advanced tab
network settings manual proxy cofg.
Proxy =
Port = 80
Now again go to tools option general tab
hompage just fill http://mtsindia.in/cgi-bin/cgiproxy/nph- proxy.pl/010000/http/www.google.com
Now open homepage and enjoy free net with mts fast speed....!!

Download Battery booster for Android & Increase your battery Life

Hi all. Battery booster is a new Android application that's now available for free download that lets you increases you battery life for Android mobile phone by 17%-30% . This Android application is very useful for Android user. Personally I use this battey booster application. Its really working pretty good.

And also this app automatically recognizes your Android phone and sets up the best battery configuration for you.This battery saver application's algorithm will run and automatically disable battery-sucking features of your Android when you aren't using them. For example, this app will disable WiFi when you are not using WiFi on your device. It's also include some other features. That are live wallpaper (if you set), wifi, 3G, 4G, bright screen, and network Services.

Download Battery booster from Google play

Free Download AVG Antivirus 2013

We all know that AVG antivirus is best antivirus due to its various features like it does't slow the system down.
Now this antivirus is also available for window 8 users also.

New features in version 2013:

1)Improved scanning using enhanced scanning algorithms for faster scanning.
2)Refined threshold for browser memory consumption.
3)Boot accelerator optimizes time needed for boot up.
4)Fresh and new user interface for easier navigation and better user experience.
5)AVG 2013 is fully compatible with Windows 8.
Here are the downloading link of AVG Antivirus.
1)Download: AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013.2899 x86
2)Download: AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013.2899 x64

17 March 2013

Free GPRS Settings for Reliance GSM

Here is the gprs settings for reliance for WAP, SMARTNET, MMS

Account name : SMARTWAP
Access point name:SMARTWAP
Home page: http://wap.rworld.co.in/gsm/index.wml
Wapgateway proxy IP address:
Port: 8080

Account name: SMARTNET
Access point name:SMARTNET
Home page: http://www.google.co.in
Wapgateway proxy IP address:
Port: 8080
=> For MMS:

Account name: RTLMMS
Access point name:MMS
Wapgateway IP:
Port: 9401
We hope the above provided settings will work to make your gprs active. If the above settings does not help let us know through comments.

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