31 August 2013

Top 10 Tips to Speed up Android Phone

Top 10 Tips to Speed up Android Phone\\Top 10 Tips to Speed up Android Phone

This is Era of Android Devices and just one word for Android phone and that is just Awesome. But it is also fact nothing could be 100% perfect so everything come with some bugs which will solve with time. So, there is also some problems with Android devices which we can solve by adopting simple tips. Many people experience, after buying Android phone with in month its performance become slow which is very irritating for users either he use Karbonn A5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4. So here in this post have listed Top 10 Tips for Android Users which will surely help to speed up their Android Devices.

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1. Keep Optimizing your Home Screen
Keep Optimizing your Home Screen

Most of us like the Live Wallpaper and Lots of Widget on Home Screen and that's why the Live Wallpapers are so cool and the widgets on the home screen are easier to use. So peoples wants to keep live wallpaper and lots of widget on their home screen but many of us are not aware about these things slows down phone performance especially when your phone is older and have low configuration. Widgets make work more easier but using too many widgets slow down the phone performance and you should never forget that live wallpapers will directly kill battery life of phone.

2. Have a eye on the Apps running in the background

Have a eye on the Apps running in the background

Android is Multitasking Operating System which allows its users to perform multiple actions at same time but many of us misuses this important feature which slow down device performance. Most of us don't know how to correctly close any app, so when they close an app they just press the home screen button and think the app is close but as its a multitasking system so its not correct way to just minimize the app. So its important we have an eye on the apps running in the background because it uses to much CPU and battery, so it is recommended to close the app correctly when you don't need to use. To close any app correctly you should use Task Manager. Run Task Manager and close running App (tab). Just close the app by clicking on the End button in front of the App name this action will surely makes your device battery and performance better.

3. Startup Cleaner
Startup Cleaner

Whenever Android device start booting there are many apps which get started at the booting time and many of them of these apps are installed by device hardware company and many are from the telecommunication company. But these all apps are important which provides the basic function to device. But when you install the custom apps on your android device then some of them are also started in the booting time which are not necessary so if we kills all custom apps at the booting time then you can increase a lot of your device performance. If you want to remove these unwanted apps at boot time, then you have to install an app that's name "Startup Cleaner 2.0". With the help of "Startup Cleaner 2.0" you can control anything at booting time and kill apps which you don't want. This app can be selected from Start up cleaner and click on "Batch Prevent Default".
4. Avoid Synchronization
Avoid Synchronization
Everyone likes its own way to synchronize apps or things but people don't know this the root for making low battery Life and Performance of your device. Synchronization is a best feature for the Business man and peoples who are very busy in their day to day life but it is recommended to check your E-mail and social status manually rather synchronization. All e-mail applications and social media apps like twitter, Facebook, Watsapp and many other apps comes with Auto-Synchronization feature which make device performance down. So it is recommend you to disable the synchronization and check all things manually.

5. Updating Mobile Apps

Updating Mobile Apps

Nowadays Android is most useful and popular OS for the mobile devices. Everyday provides new regular update in its OS, Apps and UI(User Interface). All the Leading Mobile Manufactures are providing there own designed, User Interface, and to make the User experience best so that's why they offer a regular updates. But many of us take all these updates as useless and think updating is just a waste of time. But you don't avoid all these important updates because these all here to help you. For example as any Game developer provide updates for the best result in Graphics same any App developer provides update for the new and latest features of its app which can be helpful for you. 

6. Installing Custom Browser
Installing Custom Browser

People mostly use default browser of the android, but if you visit Play Store then you find lot's of other Browsers which offers better internet surfing experience and use low RAM. So with custom browser you can increase the speed of RAM, performance of CPU and it will also provide more speed while surfing. Best browsers for android are Opera, Uc browser, Chrome, etc.

7. Avoiding Launchers apps
Avoiding Launchers apps

A lot of personalization apps are available on Play Store which make device Looks Just awesome but only at visible side. On other side it suck all RAM and Battery Life of device and working become slow. This is a good app but needs a lot of improvement to make it more performance friendly with the Device. So its recommend you to uninstall this app then you will experience best performance of your device.

8. Cleaning Cache Memory
Cleaning Cache Memory

Cache Memory affect a lot on the performance of your device. All Apps, Games and Browsers uses their own cache memory, so it is very important to keep cleaning this Cache memory regularly then it will increase performance speed. For cleaning Cache memory Download "1Tap Cleaner" app from Play Store.

9. Turn off Animation

Turn off Animation

Animation is a pre-loaded feature in all android device, but all these animation is no use and also look silly. Many times these animation causes delays while surfing the phone especially in older phones so its recommend to close it. To disable these animation go Settings> Display> Animation and just turn it off.

10. Restarting
We all use our phones 24/7 and don’t give it any rest. Its important for any machine to give break then machine working become fast. Break mean we should turn off our phone even once in week then you will experience the performance of your phone surely increase.

Is there is any trick which is not in over top 10 tips for android users? if yes then share with us in comments.

Top 10 Most Useful Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft releases Windows 8 in August 2012 and it comes in market with all new and unique features. Its fully different UI attracts users but its also fact people not warmly welcome Microsoft new Windows version the reason behind this response is very simple and that is people aren't aware of its cool Apps offered in its App store. But i am sure after reading this post, your view against Windows 8 is fully changed because in this post have discussed Top 10 Most Useful Windows 8 Apps

1. Free Books

free books app for windows 8

Free Books App as its name suggest you to download Free Books and it offers 23,469 Classic Books which you can download anytime and can read it on any device like Laptop or Kindle readers. This App also offers best search option which is very easy and efficient to find your desired books without any waiting. Free Books app has many options including Featured Books and Editor's Choice. If you love reading then you must love Free Books app.

2. Google Search
Google Search
Google Search no need any introduction even a layman also know about it, but here we discuss Google search app in Windows 8. Google search app provides faster way to search about your desired queries on Google. This app is Loaded with many features like Voice search, Image search etc. Google Instant helps in instant searching which mean you don't need to press enter key just type your desired query and Google will find your result. It also loaded with many other features.

3. HowStuffWorks
HowStuffWorks app for windows 8

How Stuff Works website is the most popular website among people. It is a quality website which offers excellent article and videos about How Stuff Works, So this was the intro about the Website, but what is this app? HowStuffWorks app is very simple but most useful in work because it offers all the articles and videos of the web site as a package on the app through which you can access the videos and articles from the app itself.Or in Simple Terms you can say that this app converts the website information into a Bundled app.

4. Toolbox for Windows 8
Toolbox for Windows 8

Toolbox App provides some best tools for Desktop which are really impressive. All Tools which offers by Toolbox app are small but well-organized and most useful. This App can run 6 tools on one screen only and its very important feature of Toolbox like it provides you to Surf Web through Toolbox Browser at the same time Doing Some Mathematical Calculation through the same toolbox tool. You can also run 6 different tools simultaneously at one screen. Currently Toolbox app of Windows 8 provide 12 tools including Voice Notes, Facebook, Doodles and much more.

5. WordPress
WordPress app Windows 8

WordPress is the one of the best and most famous Blogging platform and now it has showed his Presence on Windows 8 app store. This app is small, launching pretty simple design but most useful app for Windows 8 users. It can read and share the Contents of blogs. This app allows its users to read the blogs you follow and share their contents easily but first you have to just sign in through your WordPress account on this app. This is most useful app for Bloggers.

6. Skype Voice Changer
Skype Voice Changer app Windows 8

If you love fun then you will surely love this app because Skype Voice Changer app is a pretty much fun app like its name. This app helps you to change your voice on Skype Calls. It provides list of different voices to change it with your voice on Skype calls. It is most useful app for Skype users So, with help of this app you can play funny pranks with your friends.

7. Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger app Windows 8

Facebook the World most powerful and famous Social Networking site and now it is also in the windows 8 app store by launching its Facebook messenger in Windows 8 app store. This app is just like mobile Facebook messenger which allows its users to chat with their friends on Facebook even when they aren't logged in.

8. Pinball FX 2
Pinball FX 2

Pinball FX 2 is a gaming app which based on the Windows game Pinball but now in windows 8 it comes with much cool interface. In Windows 8 Pinball has been upgraded with much more interesting and amazing graphics and also loaded with more pinball tables which makes the game more interesting.

9. Multimedia 8
Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8 app is for all Windows users who love Windows media Center which is missing in Windows 8. But you don't need to worry about anymore because Multimedia 8 app allow you to browse and access to music and video files. Multimedia 8 app also has many other features like 3D Video Converting, video support, Video and audio capture and much more amazing features.

10. Metro Commander

Metro Commander

Metro Commander app is File Manager which helps to manage Files with a Windows 8 awesome UI. It provides all features which a File Manager should have other than that additionally you can manage file on the web with your Skydrive account.

How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Using Droid Finder

The worst day of any user is when someday someone will find that your phone is lost. You will find yourself helpless when your phone is lost. you can't even think what should do next. where should you find your phone, should you complain about it or anything else because your life is in that phone, all your private information like Contacts, SMS, photos, emails and also some more information could be there like your financial or some business information and this could be the worst part of someones life. 
if we think about iOS there is an application that will let you track your phone and will send the information of thief to you and DROID Finder will do same for you for Android but also a extra features, Like sending the photo of thief which is taken from the front camera of the phone. There is only one thing necessary for finding a phone that phone should be connected to internet. if thief made such mistake then he will be in your hands within no time.  
Droid Finder will use Google account to monitor your device. wherever your device go its location will be shown on Google Map. so it will help you to track your phone. All of your controls will be available in Droid Finder's web based interface. you can control each and every option from its web- based interface. So you just have to authorize the app using your Google + account and you are done. It will let you find your lost phone.
You have to install the app in your android device. After installation, launch the app and tap on 'Sign in' at the top. After which you can link your Google+ account and then app will be providing you all the features like anti-theft intruder alert, SMS control, Sim Change Alert etc and will give you all the controls. Turn on all the controls you want and your phone will be in your control. You will now be able to control your phone through the internet.

Droid Finder will provide you some handy features like you can lock your device remotely. So if you find yourself in a state that you think your phone is stolen and you want that no body should access your data you with this feature you can lock your phone remotely and anyone without pin can not unlock your phone. Trigger Modes screen, which allows you choose and activate four different types of triggers: silent, medium, aggressive or custom. Like i said earlier Droid Finder will capture the photos of the thief and that photo will definitely help you to find your lost phone.

its web-based interface is quite handy and each and every option can be found easily in its control center. it will also provide you information like GPS, GSM information and you will see your Phone Location on the Google Map in the Control Center.
Go To Website Droid Finder and you have to provide access to your Google account os that maps can be accessed. you will find that control center is a simple and easy to use.

There must be some other third party apps too but none of them provides the features like Droid Finder. Like i said earlier phone must be connected to internet or any communication media. You can also send text or email to your device, delete data or lock the device etc from your phone through internet.
Its a free app. you can download it from Google Play Store.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Improve images Performance

Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Improve Images Performance
WordPress Plugins To Improve Images Performance

Important reason behind the popularity of WordPress plugins. Integration of social sharing buttons, managing mailing lists are all can be possible just by plugins. To get good performance you should optimize image. Image optimization prevent slow loading of page.In this post you will find top 5 wordpress plugins to optimize your image performance.


1. Hammy

hammy plugin

Hammy is best plugins for wordpres.It optimizes your images. It produce images of different sizes according to content size.Hammy provide friendly interface three options to organize.it is mostly used by pro bloggers have well known repute in category of plugins which are used in image processing

2. Lazy Load

lazy load plugin

Lazy Loading is perfect for your wordpress to optimize images.It loads the image when users view it. It is among best wordpress plugins which optimize images without any configurations.

3. CW Image Optimizer

Cw image Optimizer

CW Image Optimizer is best tool to optimize your wordpress. If you want to decrease the size of image without affecting quality then this plugin is best. It give a massiveness optimize feature if you want to optimize multiple images.

4.WP Smush


WP Smush  is good plugins for wordpress. It also optimize images and decrease the size of image. Smush is a perfect plugin which optimize images without configuration like Lazy.

5. Parallelize


Parallelize is a perfect tool and plugin to optimize wordpress.It allow browsers to download files from several domains and increase page loading time.

Latest airtel proxy trick resume support and 1mbps high speed

Airtel Proxy Trick With Resume Support

On our Airtel Proxy tricks section here is another high speed resume supported proxy for Airtel Working almost all over India.
The new resume support based proxy allows you to download unlimited and browse all websites for free. Recently we shared Airtel Zbook proxy which was is still working but in some cases where user’;s needs something new to experience then just try this Airtel Proxy trick which gives fully uncapped 1 Mbps speed on 3G (UMTS) Network There were almost no tricks working expect Airtel BBM but new user’s who don’t know these undisclosed tricks should defiantly try the Airtel Proxy Trick for your free high speed Internet needs.
Airtel Proxy Trick with 1 Mbps Speed
The Airtel Proxy trick has been shared by Rana bro (Senior member) thanks to him for sharing this precious trick with TricksLive user's. The trick works on mobile and Pc both, you just need to enter a Working Free home page of your area. (Free Home page is any website address or IP which opens for free in your default browser.) Lets see some features of this Airtel Proxy Trick and how to configure it.
Airtel Proxy Trick benefits:

Confirmed working in all over India and South Africa on Bharti Airtel’s network
No Need to recharge with any plan or 3G pack
Proxy trick works at zero Balance
High Speed proxy withspeed upto 1 Mbps and more
Resume supported downloads with HTTP and HTTPS protocl supported
Works on mobile and PC
No SIM blocking Issue has been deducted on this Trick
If you are getting 2G Speed on 3G network then Try Airtel Speed Uncapping Solution.
Note: The proxy Supports direct you tube streaming with full HTTPS Support
How to Configure Airtel Proxy Trick

Here are the complete step by step instructions to Configure Airtel Proxy trick on Mobile tablet or Windows platform (PC), Just follow the instructions given below and then implement on It.
For Mobile/tablet

Create a new Configurations setting with the following details:
1. Account Name: TricksLive.tk
2. APN ( Access point ) : airtelgprs.com
3. Proxy:
4. Port: 80
That’s it! after entering a working home page of your state, just save the settings and you aredone.
For PC

Simply initiate your Airtel data connection on your Pc via default Airtel APN settings
Now in Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome, just enter he following Proxy, port and homepage to enjoy Free Internet via this Airtel Trick
Port: 80
That’s it! Now save the settings and Restart your browser. you will be able to Browse for Free. for downloading with IDM you will have to enter the above proxy and port in IDM settings.
Note: This is a traditional Airtel Proxy Trick just the proxy has been changed with the most latest one. it can be configured easily and has been tested in Maharashtra proxy tricks doesn’t have stateor country restriction’s So it is Confirmed working all over India. For privacy reasons TricksLive is not allowed to share Airtel home pages openly, you just need to search for a working homepage/IP of your region to establish data connection with this method .
So guys, you can also Watch IPL 2013 live on your mobile and PC via this Trick as it supports direct YouTube Streaming, Do let us know you funny experience with this trick and Like us on Facebook to get addicted towards free Internet.

Free gprs reliance 3g 100% working 2013

Hi,,,guyz after a long time TricksLive blog is back with an awesome reliance free gprs trick for mobile and as well as for pc and this trick is confirmed working in M.p. circle and we hope it will work on other states also so to enjoy free gprs trick simply follow the steps,,,!
STEPS to Follow:-

For Mobile:-
*. APN as : smartwap
rtlmms {choose the apn according to circle )
*. Port: 8080 (use this for smartwap & smartnet apn’s)
9401 (use port only for RTLMMS
*. Home page - -wap.rworld.co.in/gsm/(for smartwap apn)
www.google.co.in/(for smartnet apn)
or (for RTLMMS Apn)
For Pc :-
FireFox browser
---> Go to fire fox : Option ->Network Setting ->;Manual ProxyConfig ->
HTTP Proxy Put Here Proxy and Port as above given and then click OK button
and you done..!!

BSNL Free GPRS Trick Septemper 2013

Now without wasting a single minute lets get back to the trick.
First of all I want to tell you that all the tricks on this blog are very easy to implement that is why you need not to worry
Today's trick works on proxy settings as the previous BSNL Proxy trick. It means you have to create a new configuration settings in mobile phone and after that you have to restart your phone .
How to Configure BSNL 3G GPRS Trick :
*. Create New Configuration Setting in Mobile Phone using following data :
Account Name : TricksLive.tk
Access Point Name : celloneportal
Proxy Address :
Port : 8080
Homepage : http://wap.yahoo.com
*. Save Setting and Restart Mobile Phone. Enjoy FREE 3G GPRS :)
How to Configure BSNL 3G GPRS Trick 2013 in Mozilla Firefox :

*. Open Mozilla Firefox and Configure it Note : You must have active connective using cellopneportel as APN
*. Go to Menu >> Options >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings >> Manual Configuration
*. Input PROXY and PORT given below :
Proxy :
Port : 80
*. Set Homepage : wap.yahoo.com
*. Save Setting and Enjoy!! Free Internet on Computer :)

Latest 90 Days Aircel Unlimited 3G Trick with Dongle SIM

90 Days Aircel Unlimited 3G Trick with Dongle SIM Card After a long time we are back with Aircel 3G bang however its expensive but you can use this trick as alternative of your Broadband connection. We already posted hundreds of working tricks of various tricks like Airtel, Aircel, DoCoMo and more.
Basically this trick working with Aircel dongle SIM card you cannot use this trick on your simple 3G calling sim card with lightning fast speed upto 7.2MBPS, No need to useany VPN and all... I have tested this trick in UP east don't know about other states
1. Visit to your nearest Aircel CoCo
2. Ask for New Rs227 Data Card SIM card
with Rs227 sim card you will get 1GB data usage per month for 3 month
3. SIM will activated within 48hr if you purchase SIM from there outlet
4. Connect Internet with APN- aircelweb
5. Finish 1Gb Data
6. Recharge with Rs128 2G/3G Unlimited combo Pack 30 Days
7. Now you will get 7.2mbps 3G Speed till 1.5GB/Day
Repeat same next month and Enjoy Unlimited Aircel 3G @Rs128/mo Better than Airtel BBM Plan

29 August 2013

Latest Free SMS trick for all Aircel user working Fine

Aircel free gprs tricks very rarely seen on net bt this working in some areas. If you r Aircel Users, you have message center no in your mobile message setting. Change your Message Centers leads to free sms from your mobile.
Some of the Message Centers No
Send TP to 56666
Please try this trick below Rs 1 balance to aviod any deduction in balance.

Free 3g android gprs trick in airtel 2013

Hi favorite Users, this is time for the airtel june tricks. First of all download opera mini real host browsers, its must to have use this tricks because its not vpn tricks. Now if you don't have download from my previous post where there is post which gives u the links 4 both symbians and android browsers.
Instead of this if you want for yours mobile request here. Eventually you will find this working. This is both for 2G and 3G users.
Change Configuration Settings
Setting Name: Tricks Live
Proxy: 5. Working) or Speed 3G Proxy), User)
Access Point: airtelgprs.com
HomePage: (prefer) or or
How to Make Configuration Setting in Mobile
Explaining for Nokia Mobile
-->Goto Configuration where you find personal configuration setting.
-->Click on Add and web option. Press OK
--> Change your Account name anything
-->Homepage as i provide above. Use anyone of them.
-->Leave Username and Password Option.
-->Select NO on Use pref access point option
--> Access Point Setting
-->Proxy : Enabled
-->Proxy Address as i gave u upper section
-->Proxy Port is 80
-->In Bearer Setting
-->Packet data access point as airtelgprs.com
Last Step :
go to Connectivity Option->Packet data Setting->Edit Active Acess Point
Alias for access point: airtelgprs.com
Packet data access point: airtelgprs.com
In Configuration Option
Default Config. Setting :Airtel Internet
Preferred Acess point :Mobile Office
THATS IT. Leave any other fields which i have not specified above. Don't change those field.Make sure that you have minimum balance Rs 1 so that no deduction take place in your account.
After performing these changes surely you will get free internet in your mobile definitely. I m using 4 years after i got from 1st time. Any help feel free to ask i m your companion.

Free unlimited internet in bsnl 2013

Happy trick for all BSNL Users.This trick is provides unlimited internet in bsnl, this tricks works fine in almost all states.This trick is used by some modification in you browser.The speed you got from 3G mobile is around 520 Kbps, Also works 2G and PC.
For Mobile Users :
1) You should have opera handler to use this trick.
2)AcessPoint :celloneportal
3)Proxy Address : or
4)Port :8080
5)Homepage : wap.yahoo.com
6)Save and Use Unlimited Gprs in Bsnl.
For PC Users or Data Card :
1) Make Modification in the Proxy Settings in your Browser.
2) Now Enter Proxy : or and Port : 8080.
3)Homepage : wap.yahoo.com
3)Save and use unlimited internet in Bsnl.
For High Speed Download Use the Same Settings in IDM.You get best browsing and download speed.Your balance should be less than 1 Rs. Please Comment if Trick not Working.

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26 August 2013

How to Activate Vodafone 10paise per min V2V Trick

India’s second biggest,largest mobile operator Vodafone with150 million users has always been doing strong strategy plans and offers ,to mention few vodafone promo activities like most popular Zoozoo ad ,all we familiar with that.
Update :
> Dial *121# to know the latest available Rate Cutter for your vodafone number .
I’m a Vodafone user tooand i want to make callsat 10p per minute ,so i’ve called and asked for if any plan available on vodafone !
Fortunately as like every operator Vodafone too have this for very low cost of Rs 3,unlike other operator like Airtel ,they charge Rs.5.
So how to activate 10paise per minute planon Vodafone ?
Dial *121*10# -
*. You will receive a confirmation messagefrom Vodafone saying BC-9 request has been activated.
*. Yes,now you have activated “10paise per minute Vodafone to vodafone” rate cutter plan successfully.
Surprisingly, to share with you ,i’ve activated this plan on three days ago,and still all calls to vodafone are charged only 10paise.
I’m wondering how this is happening and the big dog is watching are not ? the gain is for me
If you’re a Vodafone user ,give it a try !! Make all calls to vodafone at only 10 paise per minute..!

New IDEA 2GB 3G data absolutely free For karnataka Users

New Idea 2G 3G data Free for Karanataka Users
Hello friends Hope you all are enjoying tricks given by us. Today I have came with new trick of Idea which will give you free 2GB 3G Data which is working in Karnataka and try in your state it may or may not work in other states .
Just Send a message ACT3G750 and send it to 12345 Then you will receive a message saying like this Your 3G data has been successfully activated Other pack are also working they are: ACT3G650 and send it to 12345 ACT3G43 and send it to 12345
and send it to 12345
Use Access point : internet -------------

Aircel Latest Working Gprs Trick (Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Karnataka)

Now, I have got a new Aircel GPRS trick yesterday from my friend.That Worked.Try it by yours and Enjoy free gprs in Aircel.Lots of my Friends from Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are using this trick.Its 100% Working in these states.
I am not sure that this trick work in northern India.Check it and Please Comment Here.
Use The Below Manual Settings
IP :
Port :8080
Turn off your phone after saving this settings.On it and enjoy free gprs in Aircel..!!

Latest Idea 3G High Speed Proxy Trick Working 2013

welcome to mobile tips and tricks. today i am posting a newly fresh highspeed 3g proxy for idea user. this proxy get awesome speed in all over india. i also get the speed 1.1 mbps. you arealso try my last idea trick post idea high speed 3g trick with tcp-443 in april 2013 is very fine work in many state like raj.and mumbai
Features of proxy
1. highspeed download
2. no speed capping
3. unlimited browsing
4. no sim block
5. not any handler req.
6. use as default setting setting for mobile
1. create new account
2. put the proxy-----
3. port--------------80
4. apn --------------internet-
5. save and restart mobile.


Eg: rech with 100: nd u will get talktime of 86 instantly, then call to CC after 24hrs & tell them that u received a SMS yesterday SENDER ID is'AV-650003'&Sms is''RECHARGE : 100 pe 100 offer! Bonus balance of Rs14 on recharge of Rs100. Rs86 Instantly, extra Rs14 in 4hr on airtelmobile. Dial *121*1*3# (tollfree)''. ...that's it. CC first says that that offer is nt available for u today then u say I received the SMS yesterday nt today..Cc will launched a complain or transfer the call to a senior executive...if your call transfered then u will get the extra TT of 14 in 20minute. otherwise u will get extra TT in 1day.. Njoy.!!

Airtel new 3g highspeed tricks for android mobile and pc

Hello friends , welcome to mobile tips and trick.today i come back with airtel new fresh proxy proxy trick.my last post free airtel proxy trick april 2013 is fine work in gujrat and many other state.this proxy is suitable in all mobile opreting systemlike android,window,java,symbian,and other .this proxy is resumeble,and you are also upload and download big file in 3g speed.no connection time error.so enjoy latest airtel 3g highspeed tricks for android and other mobile.this proxy both use in mobile and laptop(pc).
config. Airtel new 3g highspeed tricks for android mobile and pc may 2013
*. create new account--------- mobile tips and tricks
*. apn--------------------------airtelgprs.com
*. proxy------------------------
*. port--------------------------8080
*. home page--------------------fb.me for ssl site
*. proxy----------------------
*. port------------------------8080
*. home page-----------------
download big file
*. Proxy----------------------davproxy.co.uk
*. Port------------------------80
*. Homepage------------------fb.me some working other proxy server
save all proxy trick and enjoy fast internet in your pc and mobile..!!

Tata Docomo Free Gprs Trick For 1 Month

Hi,Friends,Use This Its work all over States,This Trick About Tata Docomo Free gprs Trick => Follow These Steps To Do This Trick::-
*. First of all make sure that your main balance is less then or equal to Rs.2.
*. Edit current settings or make new settings with values given below.
*. APN: tata.docomo.dive.in
*. Proxy:
*. Port: 8080,
*. Homepage: http://www.google.com/
Now save the settings and restart your mobile.,.!

25 August 2013

Tata Docomo high speed 3G Proxy trick for 2013

Hello freinds , and my visiters how are you. i think you are fine.so lets start discription of new tata docomo highspeed 3g trick witht 9 proxy server.This trick you are visit in only mobile tips and tricks.This tata docomo trick is fine work in south and north.This proxy trick speed in tata docomo 3g coverage area in 850kbps.
=> Steps
send sms-----DIVEIN to 52270
install original settings
restart your mobile
edit settings
ip/proxy settings---
for dive in --------
for internet--------
port --------8080
home page--------http://internet.tatadocomo.com.t9space.com.php
Some other tricks for tata docomo
Tata docomo balance transfer ----send sms
bt (mobile no.) (amt.) to 121
Tata docomo free talk time trick
Just sms--
reward to 121
you will get 20minute docomo to docomo
and if you are lucky you will get unlimited free sms for some time..!!

Aircel 3G Proxy Free Gprs Trick 2013

This trick working in mobile and pc both.
In mobile use any opera handler and In pc do this settings in vnap buster.
*. HOST-
*. PORT-8080
Thatz all.
NOW set localhost 8080 in vnap for pc.
And set ur browser and Idm as proxy- and port 8080.

How to Get Vodafone Free 3G Gprs | Latest Vodafone 3G Trick 2013

With Lot Request I am Back With Vodafone Free 3G
For applying these settings to your Vodafone mobile GO to Your mobile
Menu>>settings>>Connection Settings>>And fill the following values:
Account name: FREEVODAFONE
Apn: vlive
Port: 8080
After this Save your setting and then Switch-OFF your Mobile.
When you again ON the mobile, it shows the 3G icon on your mobile screen at top.
Start using 3G speed with Vodafone.:)

Vodafone Unlimited Free SMS Trick

Vodafone latest free sms Trick By Message center number.It works Fine if you are using Spice mobile,and you have to configure the message setting to enable this trick ,by doing these steps you can send unlimted sms from your vodafone mobile to any Mobile number In india.
Important things ,only it works to send local sms only ,you will be charged if you send National sms.
Follow These Steps To Do This Trick ::-

=>Go to message setting and
=>Change your default Sms Center Number to the number given below.
This Trick is tested in some states only so if works for you please leave a comment here,
Share your known tricks,and also your comments.
Thanks For Visiting here,, and Don't Forget To Like Use On Facebook..!!

Free Facebook Access without Internet-Gprs

Get Unlimited Free Facebook Access without Internet/Gprs :-
As we all know now a days facebook has become a essential part of all’s life and every daythe facebook is being expanding and growing with new users and to maintain popularity andto keep user engaged in using facebook all time,,Fb is providing new promotion tricks or offers and this trick is one of these promotional tricks.
And TricksLive is providing best tricks and so to accomplish this thing facebook has partnered with fonetwish company to provide free facebook access to all india users. so if you do not have internet connection that also you can use facebook with ease using your simple special message service.
This trick is mainly for those how can’t suffer monthly net and don’t have wifi supported mobile to connect every time with fb so guyzzz simply enjoy fb without internet.
How to Use fb :-
Note :- Some time it deducts a small subscription fees of 1.00 for unlimited per day access.
Follow simple steps (if you want to use this):-

*. You have to dial *325# which is taken from *fbk# short for facebook,
*. After dialng this number a message will be promoted displaying the company providing you this free access.
*. After the message is promoted like above itwill automatically be dismissed ,
*. You will another screen for entering your Username like above,
*. Now just enter your Username and than click Send or Reply
*. After few seconds you will get another message to enter your Password for your Facebook account enter that password and you will have access to their free service.
You done now you just have to reply according to there code and enjoy fb access full day.

There is no such type of limitation it just have limitation that it works only for airtel,aircel and tata docomo and soon it will be available for other operators,,,,!!,
so thanks to fb for this owesome trick and thank us by liking our fb page for this owesome trick,,,,,!!

Get FREE Mobile Recharge from Amulyam 100% Genuine Site

INDIA'S 1ST FREE RECHARGE GIVING SITE:AMULYAM with earning trickss(updated)

      friendss, i am sharing with you the details of india's 1st and most popular recharge site.i know many of you have known about it but still a lot of friendss don't know about this site.


 Amulyam.in is well known website for providing free online mobile recharge for almost all networks in India like BSNL, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, Reliance, Uninor, MTNL. You can recharge your own mobile, your friend mobile or your family member mobile of any one else you wish to from amulyam with the earning amount.

i always update amulyam trick to earn faster.so join amulyam now and use my tricks to get free recharge quickly from amulyam.

join amulyam now:click here to join  

1. You have create your account that is you have to register.
2. You have read Bonus Mails you received in the inbox of amulyam account.
3. You can create contest and earn some amount.
4. You can play the quizzes on various categories and get the amount if you win.
5. You can earn unlimited by referring your friends.
6. Complete offers like buy online airlines tickets, online shopping in fill wallet section. Every offer states its recharge money in front of it.

7. play true and false game to earn money.
8.play vocabulary test and earn money.
9.always complete offer clicking fill wallet,it will give you money quickly and it will give more and more offer containing high amount of money.so you will get recharge quickly.



How to get Free Mobile Recharge ( 100% Genuine )  - Top Free Mobile Recharge & Earning Sites ( 100% Genuine - get free mobile recharge instantly  - How To Get Free Mobile Recharge - How To Recharge My Mobile Online For Free (100%) Genuine -

24 August 2013

BSNL 3G Trick Working All Over (UDP) INDIA

=> TRICK -1
Take a New BSNL 3G SIM of 128k
Now Activate a Video Calling pack on it.
After the video calling pack is activated on your BSNL 3G SIM,
Then Just Connect with any UDP VPN supporting port 9201 or 8080
That's It.
Enjoy this Super Cool Trick
=> Trick -2
Confirure the below given Settings
*. Proxy:-
*. Port:- 8080
*. APN:- Celloneportal
*. Homepage:- wap.yahoo.com
OR Any Working Homepage.
Open Mozilla Firefox In Your Computer/Pc
Go To Tools Menu =Options=>Advanced=> Network =>Settings => manual Configuration.
put this proxy and pory
*. Enter Proxy:-
*.Port:- 80
Then Go To Tools =>Options => General =>Homepage (wap.yahoo.com)

Airtel new 3g tricks 100% working in wb and maharashtra

Airtel block ip working again for Maharastra. Today I personaly checked it and wow working for WEST BENGAL and Maha sim.
Here is Trick.
all we know LIVE.AIRTELWORLD.COM now not work anywhere.
but for rip tricks it work with cgi frontquery.works for proxy tricks.and all type tricks.
guys check it and reply here. I dont know others states. but I think it should work
for all most states. here is the tricks.
*. Apn=airtelgprs.com
*. Proxy=
*. Port=80
now open any version of opera handler and put Frontquery as=

Thats it.
Friends, here is XYZ90 again posting for maha users one old cgi tricks for UC lovers. Now uc lovers can use cgitricks. for this ip. I have tested it and posting for u. check it I posted it some days ago here another topics. now you can try it with uc handlers.
*. Apn=airtelgprs.com
*. Proxy=
*. Port=80
Open any UC handler and put

Enjoy maha users.
Friends, this for proxy lovers. those are want to use proxy tricks for pc. u can use this
*. Proxy=12345proxy.com
*. Port=80
and also use cgi frontquery for

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