05 May 2013

Samsung secret code to check your phone components.

Samsung secret code to get detailed info of your android phone components *#0*# .

Samsung has secret power code incorporated to its smartphones, some call it the magic code *#0*#. Running this code takes you to an application where you can check and test your components working status and how accurate they are. In cases like where you are in doubt about the touch interface of your Samsung phone and want to check if the touch is working properly, You can go to this window using the  secret power code and analyze the working of your touch input. It supports lots more components like proximity sensor, Your compass, Your speaker etc. The no of components listed change according to your Samsung phone model. In higher models you have provision to check the GPS functionality and much more components and features.

Why use this secret power code?

If you are looking to buy an used Samsung phone you can make sure all the components and features are working properly by going into this menu. Another case is when you are about to move out of the warranty, You can check the components and make sure you get it repaired within the warranty period. As using this code is not harmful at all you can use it for any reason.

What components can be checked?

As already mentioned the menu is different for different Samsung models, still some of the common features and components are listed.
  • You can check the display by displaying each basic colors red green and blue and check if there is any bad pixel on the display.
  • You can check the touch input by drawing lines around marked territory and see if the touch sensor is assessing your touch properly.
  • Can be used to check camera functioning.
  • Working of the switches and keys can be checked.
  • Speaker can be checked for proper functioning.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • GPS.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Light sensor.

How to access the power menu using the power code.

Accessing the power menu is very simple and all you need is the code. From the home screen of your Samsung phone dial  *#0*#   Once you dial this code this will automatically take you to the power app, component testing screen and you can test each components from there one by one. Here i am adding few screen shots taken from Samsung galaxy y smartphone
samsung power menusamsung power menu sensor

samsung power menu touch input

samsung power menu code

So hope you get and idea about this hidden functionality in Samsung phones, Not all the Samsung smartphone models support this code. This code and power menu was tested for android powered Samsung phone. If you have any experience or suggestions to share you can mention it in the comments section. if you found this information helpful do share it with your friends. Stay subscribed with us for further updates on similar topic.


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