04 May 2013

How To Use Android Phone As Modem 2013


If you have internet connection and wanna share it with your friends and don't have any modem but have android device, then I have a trick for you :) you can use your Android device as a modem and take advantage of your unlimited data plan.

Without I internet I feel my self alone and helpless. below is the step by step tutorial for this:

1. First of all go to Settings.
2. In the Settings >> Wireless and networks >> More settings.
3. Here you will find Tethering and portable hotspot option to configure it.
4. Now you can see a notification, indicating that the tethering feature is currently active.
5. Now simply wait for the computer to install the appropriate driver, if necessary.
6. That's It. You can use internet as usual.

Note: In some cases, you may have to configure some common settings for the network. Now enjoy you internet with friends.


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