05 May 2013

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Android Phone

Friends battery is everything for a android device.So why are you not saving your device battery or i think you don't know the ways to save the battery of your android device.Then don't worry today you will learn to save the battery of your android device.So keep enjoying my article.
Battery Booster App is the best android app that will helps you to save the battery life of your android device by automatically disable the unwanted applications and functions.
This app works in background of your android device and disable the unwanted opened functions like Bluetooth and wi-fi when we are not using them and unwanted applications like pesky auto-sync option in Facebook which is the best battery killer according to me.

How It Works With Your Android Device:

1)Download the Battery Booster Android App from the Google Play Store.
2)Run in the background after downloading the app.Opened the app and read the instructions provided.The app will explain how it works, and how much battery life you can save while using its features. Once read, press on the See Battery Usage Stats button.

Step 3:Why the drain? The application will now take you to a complete rundown of all the elements that are draining your battery. As you scroll through the list you might be surprised with how much spring cleaning you need to do. Press on one of the options that consumes a lot of battery.
Step 3:Start to disable features You’ll now see an even more detailed breakdown of how much battery life that particular feature or app drains. You can choose to permanently disable the feature, force stop it or you can edit the feature’s settings to tone back on its battery usage.
Do you know any another android app that will saves your android device battery life.Then share with us by comment below...


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