16 October 2013

Vodafone Latest tricks for Using Free 3G/2G Internet

Hi guys! I am back again with the Vodafone latest 3G/2G trick to Surf Free Internet 2013. This surf internet for free. These tricks is experimented by me also. By applying these steps which you are going to learn from this article you can surf internet for free with very high 3G speed. This trick works on mobile as well as computers also. I am not sure that these trick will work in every part of the country. You are very lucky if it works in your region. By using this trick you can download any thing in very high speed. This trick gives you up to 1Mbps downloading speed. Hope you all will like this article. Enjoy.
article is very useful for Vodafone users. In this article you can learn 2 cool tricks. These tricks makes you able to
Vodafone Latest tricks for Using Free 3G/2G Internet:
Trick 1
Access point– internet
Proxy type– Real Host or Host
Homepage– www.google.com
Now you are able to surf free internet on high speed. Hope you will like this trick.
Don’t worry guys if this trick is not working in your region. You can also try a new trick given below but this trick do not allows you to surf internet with 3G speed.
Trick 2
In this trick you only have to send a massage BONUS 149 to 144. After 2 or 3 minutes you will get 2G fee internet. You can use this data plan both from mobile and computer. You must have minimum balance of Re.1 for this trick. In this trick you will get speed of 40 Kbps.
I cannot give the guarantee that this trick definitely works in your region.
That’s it…


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