27 October 2013

How To Record iPhone Screen with or without Jailbreak?

We are back again coming with another tutorial on how you can record your iPhone’s Screen with or without jailbreak. As you all know, iPhone has a lot of great features which you wont be able to find them on any other smartphone. Yet there are few things you think you would only can do while having jailbreak on your iPhone, but that’s not the truth if you wish to record your iPhone’s Screen.
record iphone screen
You can do this task very easily without even having jailbreak on your iPhone, but if you still having then there won’t be any issue, as I have mentioned both methods below which are very easily be performed.
So here below I have mentioned each and everything for what you need to do all that stuff.

Record iPhone Screen on a Jailbroken Device:

Now, Proceed with the given tutorial below carefully to be able to record iPhone Screen:-
1. Firstly you need to have a jailbroken iOS Device with you.
2. Now you need to go to CYDIA, and search for “RecordMyScreen” without quotes, and install that tweak onto your iPhone.
3. Installing takes less than a minute and so you can enjoy that stuff so easily over your jailbroken iPhone.

4. Now after installing a white icon will start apperaring your iPhone, when it finishes installing it on your iPhone. Now you just need to click on Proceed.
5. Now you will get two options on your screen, one is the “Record” and another one is “Stop”.
6. Now if you wish to record your iPhone’s Screen then click on Record button, and after recording you can click on “Stop” button to stop the recording.
I have already used this feature on my iPhone 5, and yet its amazing one, if you want flexibility in recording the screen, as its too easy and obviously is free of cost for you to use and try this thing on your jailbroked iPhone or any iDevice.

Record iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak:

Now you can also record your iPhone screen if you haven’t yet gone for jailbreaking your iDevice. Well you just simply have to Search for “xRec” without quotes on the App Store, and Installing that app on your smartphone.
Well this app is not free rather costs just $1.99 which is totally a worth spending on, because it provides you with lot many features with it, the first in the list is without doing the jailnreak, you can use this stuff on your iPhone. You can download this app from the App Store.
record iphone screen
So now you must have learned how you can record iPhone’s Screen very easily, and so just go on and install either RecordMyScreen if you are having a jailbroken iDevice or rather go for xRec on the App Store if you haven’t jailbreak your iDevice yet. No Need to worry about any security issue, its completely safe doing all the stuff I mentioned above in the tutorial, so feel free to install those apps on your iDevice.
Hope you enjoyed our stuff, we have mentioned everything related to it above in the tutorial, but still if you have any doubts in your mind then feel free to ask us regarding it in the comment section below.


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