21 September 2013

Trick to Install Facebook Home on Any Android powered Device

Facebook Home installed on Karbonn A21I hope You have read about the New Facebook Home which was released previous Friday. We said that this application supports selected phone models only. These includes Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X, and HTC One X+. It will also be available on the Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One in the future.Now here is a Trick to Install Facebook Home on every Android device. I already installed it on my Karbonn A21 too. Why don't you try this trick on your Android Smart Phone ??
Whats the Trick ?
We are giving you a hacked version of Facebook Home which supports almost all of the android devices. This modding was done by a hacker called the os0o. He modded the app in order to bypass the device restrictions provided by Facebook.
How can I Install Facebook Home ?
Step #1 : Uninstall the Original
Yes. You have to Uninstall the original version of Facebook, Facebook Messenger etc, if you have already installed it in your phone. If your device manufacturers pre installed it, you need root access to remove those ones.
Step #2 : Download the Files
Now after uninstalling original Apps, you have to Download the hacked version of all these apps.The Links are given below :
Download Hacked version of Facebook Home
Download Hacked version of Facebook Messenger
Note :These files are not hosted by us.
Step #3 : Extract The Files
These files are compressed in .RAR. You have to extract these files. Now, you will have three files as listed below :
com.facebook.katana (Facebook App.)
com.facebook.home (Facebook Home)
com.facebook.orca (Facebook Messenger)
Step #4 : Install the Apps
After Extracting files, you have to install it orderly.
First install Facebook App (com.facebook.katana.apk )
Then install Facebook Home (com.facebook.home.apk )
Then installFacebook Messenger (com.facebook.orca.apk)
Now just open Facebook Home Application and you will see it Installed successfully.

Selecting Facebook home as default launcherYou can also set Facebook Home as Default Launcher for Android.
Hope you enjoyed this one. Try to Install this one on your device and let me see how many can Install it.
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