28 March 2013

Speed Up Your Computer with Run commands

Learn how to speed up your computer with simple RUN commands.This can improve your PC processing speed and simultaneously you can save loading time of computer files like MP3 etc and system Drives.Before going to know the commands to operate let us know some of the mistakes we do that kills computer speed.

Avoid Doing this:

These are the most common mistakes that can kill the processing speed of the computer.So avoid those and gain the speed.
Never keep all the files/folders on the Desktop Screen.
Don't add too many side bar widgets.
Don't add animation images on Desktop.
Avoid too many Start Up programs.
Avoid keeping unused programs which occupies the disk space.

Follow these Steps:

Follow the steps given below to improve computer speed and keep your computer safe.
Use Strong anti-virus to keep away your computer from Mall-ware and spyware.
Never log out system with out closing all the applications and folders.
Use Disk space cleaner tools to free disk space.
If you want to delete a file permanently use SHIFT+DELETE
Don't open too many folders or application at once.
Most common but yet we should remember this Refresh the computer every time when you log in.This can be done either by Functional key F5 or right click on the desktop screen and then click "Refresh" option.


Use the following run commands to remove the systems temporary and recent files whenever you feel that system is working slowly with that you can  improve computer  processing.

Open Run command and type the following commands one-by-one and delete those files and folders permanently from your computer.Some of the files won't delete then let it  be and skip those files.

Run commands:



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