29 March 2013

Find Working Proxies for Using in Airtel - Vodafone with Port 80 Trick

Hello Friends,
Just as i was browsing the Tricks Portal, i saw many threads sharing single proxy and blah blah blah..,
so here's a small yet simple tutorial which will help you to find any number of resume supported proxies on your own
The Method is quite simple.. and is as follows
1. As you know there are loats and loats of proxies in the www,but its difficult to google them...
so here is the simplest method- : Proxy Lists
there are many of these type of site - they contain the URL/Web Address of the Proxy..and although there are many but some of them which i use are,i use many but here are some of them are
1. http://Unblock.me
2. http://www.azproxies.com/
3. http://proxy.org/cgi_proxies.shtml
4. http://goldproxylist.com/
5. http://prx.centrump2p.com/english/
There are loats of proxies !! select any and as many as u want , or you can select the one whose name you liked d most..
Now these sites give you proxy which is generally a URL, so you may be saying how to convert it into numerical form nd all..
so just copy the url into sites like
Then click on search/ go you will get all the details about the server and as well as the IP used.,.
you'll get the Numerical IP of the Proxy which you can use wd the Port 80,with the home page/page accessible to you free of cost:-)


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