02 November 2012

How to install Ubuntu in an Android phone

Now, you can change your smart Android phone into a desktop computer! Surprised? Well, it is true that with Ubuntu you can make your Android phone work similar to a PC. I will teach you about installing Ubuntu on Android Mobile.One interesting fact about Ubuntu is that it is an open source application and works well on Android. Ubuntu is Linux based and so it can work simultaneously with Android by sharing a common Linux Kernel. Mobile productivity can be enhanced with the integration of this advanced operating system on an Android phone.
The functions on your phone are not altered. You can make calls, send messages, Email and have a common address book. You would be very eager to know how to install Ubuntu in an Android phone. As of now, Ubuntu installer is one of the best applications that allow you to easily install Ubuntu. For a trouble free installation you will need a rooted Android phone with a kernel and good processing power. Using Ubuntu installer can be advantageous to the end users as it enables the Ubuntu OS to run within your Android phone simultaneously without the need for rebooting your device. It is perfectly designed for ARM processors. Added to this, you can access all the files stored on your SD card while working on Ubuntu. Ubuntu comes in two different installation types, large and lightweight

With a few quick steps, you can install Ubuntu on your Android phone.

  • Backup. This is a precautionary step as you will have all your files stored in a safe location if something goes wrong while installing.
  • Ensure that you have enough storage space to install the desired Ubuntu installation type. The large version of Ubuntu is nearly 3.5GB.
  • You will find the installation instructions on the Ubuntu Installer application. Install the guide and carefully read through the given instructions. Also download the VNC Viewer and Terminal application.
  • Next, you have to download the Ubuntu image and Boot script into a new folder which you have to create in the name of Ubuntu. Now, copy both the files into your phone’s SD card.
  • This time, you will have to choose a preferred screen size and resolution. If you see a message “root@localhost:/#” on the screen, it means that Ubuntu is running. Cheers!
  • Open the VNC Viewer, check if the Address is local host and the port number is 5900. Type in Ubuntu as your password and click to connect. To exit, type the command in your Terminal.
Ubuntu is a boon to all those users who wish they could carry their desktop PCs with them wherever they go. With Ubuntu your Android phone becomes a dual gadget that can be used as a portable mobile device as well as a desktop PC. The combination of two powerful applications like Android developed for mobile touch interface and Ubuntu crafted for delivering a complete set of desktop applications is promising technology.
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