26 June 2012

How to Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog in Windows 8 ?

Most of the Window 8 UI elements like “low battery On Screen notification”, “full screen apps”, and auto run dialog box” have been renovated because of the flourished Metro bases panels, Ribbon Explorer and Start Menu. In dialogue box the most significant change is with the copy/move conflict resolution dialog box. It seems very elegant and spontaneous and it can also be handled easily from a single Window. One more noticeable change in Windows 8 is that it no longer asks for the confirmation while deleting a file or folder. It simple means that when you hit the delete button after selection some file then it automatically sends it to the Recycle Bin without any confirmation.

Other noticeable change is that Windows 8 no longer asks you to confirm the deletion of file and folder, i.e. when you select a file/folder and hit Delete key, it sends the respective item straight to Recycle Bin without confirming the action. So in this post you can learn that how you can easily bring the Windows 8’s default file/folder delete dialog box back.
  1. First you have to right click on the Recycle Bin and then choose Properties.
  2. Now in the dialog box enable the “Display delete” confirmation option.
  3. Now you have to hit OK for applying the changes.
  4. Now after this action your Delete action will prompt you for confirmation.


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