20 May 2012

How to hide your tweets from Google

Google is the best search engine. but its power sometimes becomes headache to you because it sometimes shows something you never want to show. Tweets on twitters are posted by user but some of them share their private talks which are not for Google search engine. So we have some ways to do thins.
The first suggestion for more anonymity? Change your username or listed actual name on Twitter. So, for example, if you use a profane @ handle, but your given name is listed in your profile settings, that could be a problem during your job search as recruiters Google you to see what comes up.

You can also protect your tweets in your accounts settings but that may not be a perfect fix, as Twitter points out. All tweets posted before you went private will still remain public in search engines (including Twitter’s own search).

Additionally, Google caches old search results, meaning that your old information can still hang around there — even if it only links to an error page.
Eventually, Google will update its search index and refresh to your new privacy settings. But if you want certain posts removed sooner, Twitter does suggest another option. First, copy the URL for the dead status page you would like removed. Then go to this Google page, which explains how to create a removal request for an outdated link or page. You’ll then be directed to another page, where you can paste in the link and submit your request, but you may need a Google account to do so.
SO here is how you can get your tweets out from an Google search.We also have list of search tips from twitter for Google  here.


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