29 January 2011

Skype Free call trick

Blocking Skype in a corporate networking is not an easy task despite constant efforts led by security leaders. If Check Point Software Technologies
succeeds, then the business enterprises will have a reason to feel
good, for they can access to basic communication services in a secure

Check Point has launched its
latest gateway products to block Skype 3.5 traffic in a corporate
networking. Using Check Point products, the business enterprises can
build up a secure networking against the virus by simply blocking Skype
use until the virus storm has passed, or limiting use to versions not

Over the years, Skype has dominated the VoIP market
for its popular Instant Messaging, Voice and Video Conferencing
services. The P2P VoIP client has played a major role in breaking the
communication gap in corporate network.

At the same time, it has carried out a number of worms. The latest worm we have discussed here is the Ramex.A or Pykse, which spreads by sending a Skype IM to other users asking them to click on a link designed to infect the receiving system.

In this context, I can say blocking Skype is very difficult.

Thats why Check Point warns business enterprises,

Skype and P2P applications are exciting ways to communicate and
collaborate, but enterprises must have control over anything with the
potential to introduce new threats into the network


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