31 January 2011

Make the Shut down Icon on the Desktop


Make the shutdown icon on

your desktop and others

Create shortcuts on your de sktop for sh utdown, restart, logoff and hibernate.
For lazy people. LOL
Note:I tested it on windows XP im not sure if it works on other operating systems.

Step:1 Starting..!
Go to your desktop and right click somewhere clear then choose SHORTCUT from the NEW menu.

Step:2 The Location
Enter shutdown -s -t 0 then click n ext.
For other things here are the codes:
Restart: shutdown -r -t 0
Logoff: shutdown -l -t 0
Hibernate: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState Hibernate

Step 3: The Title
Enter whatever you want in the title part i wrote it (Shutdown PC)then click finish.

Step 4: Changing the Icon
You are now finished if you want to change the icon right click the icon choose properties.

Step 5: Choosing the Icon
Click change icon i have put a circle around it if someone cant find it it will give you something saying there is no current icon just click OK, then choose what icon you like.
And now you are finished.
If you want to trick your friends put their favorite game icon and write the name of the game.
I'man evil man. ha..! ha..!


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