23 January 2011

Make Free ISD & STD Calls From AIRTEL

Hai My Friends,

Making real free calls(not VOIP)using any network connection was not that easy till now until one of my friends told me that GREAT technique that i am going to share with you now.(keep this a secret).When he first told me I simply nodded off because I had previously published another post on how to recharge Hutch and Airtel phones without any cost(That was a joke).

When I succeeded with the trick ,we actually started calling more STD and ISD calls at no cost(U.S,Cannada,Malaysia,Germany…)

First of all you need an Airtel connection (pre-paid preferred).The trick was to hack the Virtual Calling Card, that lets you make international calls from your mobile.

Dial 1802103 from your mobile and you will hear a welcome message from airtel and an instruction to dial your 10 digit access number.These access number will be changed randomly.I succeeded using the number 000710**** followed by # key(Last 4 digits will be given to only those who comment or signup with their personal mail id due to security reasons).

After this you will be asked to enter the 4 digit password number.I used the password **** (removed)followed by#(See the last 4 digits of both the numbers,they are same which made it easier to hack) You also have the option of hacking that 4 numbers by yourself and sharing with us.Start the online business here.

You will hear an acceptance tone and an instruction to dial the destination number.STD numbers should start with ‘0′ and ISD numbers with ‘00′.

Many of my friends are now conferencing accross the whole countries in the world.And you can be a part of it until Airtel blocks it.
Easy method of using free Virtual Calling Card is given below.

Most phones support the “p” and “w” actions. On Nokia phones, if you press the “*” key repeatedly, you will see it change from “*” to “+”, then “p” and “w”.

Put simply, the dialing sequence now becomes: Airtel’s toll-free number 1802103 followed by pause, then the VCC pin and “#”, then a tonewait (for the voice prompt asking you to dial the number), then the telephone number you are trying to call, or

1802103p12345678#w0123#0012345678 (demo)

Airtel’s toll-free number is 1802103. The VCC pin is 12345678, and 0123 is the password and the telephone number is 0012345678 (country code, etc.).

{If you are not interested in making free calls the Airtel has calling cards that lets you make international calls from your mobile. It’s a physical card, but they insist on calling it virtual . Anyway, they offer better rates: with a VCC worth Rs. 561 (including taxes), you get a talktime of Rs. 500 (~ $11), and the charges are Rs. 3.50 per minute.You enjoy complete control on your STD/ISD calling.Denomination as low as Rs 112. Other denominations of Rs 225, Rs 561, & Rs 2245 also available.}


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