23 January 2011

Airtel GPRS(EDGE) and Live Settings

This whole new session of the blog was requested by a reader who face problem with his service provider coz of his messed GPRS settings.  This New Session in this blog will provide you the manual gprs settings for almost all the Mobile Operators in India.  Though I can’t cover all the areas, I wil consider what I can do.  BTW I recommand the mob freaks to Scrap/E-Mail me the settings for their local operator - so that I can post it here.  Expect more settings in the near future under this cagerory

Manual Airtel gprs Settings:
1. Account Name - Mobile Office
2. User Name - leave Blank
3. Password - leave Blank
4. Homepage - http://wap.google.com
5. Proxy - Enabled/No
6. Proxy and Server Adress - n0pe
7. Proxy and Server Port - n0pe
8. Data bearer - GPRS or Packet Data.
9. Access Point Name - airtelgprs.com
10. Authentication Type - Normal
11. Use preferred access point - Yes

Manual Airtel live settings
1. Account Name - Airtel_live
2. Homepage - http://live.airtelworld.com
3. Username - leave Blank
4. Password - leave Blank
5. Proxy - Enabled/yes
6. Proxy and Server Adress -
7. Accespoint Name - airtelfun.com
8. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
9. Data bearer - GPRS/ Packet Data
10. Authentication Type - Normal


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