23 January 2011

Mobile Number Portability in India from Today

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) will be operational in India from Today. The MNP scheme was launched first in Haryana in Nov 2010 and now all set to be implemented in all around the nation.

What is Mobile Number Portability:
It's a new development in Mobile Communication Technology. In India there are more than 700 million mobile users. In this service the mobile user can switch to other service provider without changing the mobile numbers. Both prepaid and postpaid tele-users have the facility to switch to other favourable tele-operators.

How to switch - Rules:

 Send a SMS to 1900 as,
PORT for example PORT 9509478XXX
You will receive a unique porting code through SMS on your mobile number. You need to use this code in communication with new service provider for MNP switch.

Go to your current service provider outlet and clear your pending bills.

Now go to new service provider’s outlet and apply for MNP program and provide the unique porting code that you had received after step 1. As unique porting code has some expiry time, so complete this process as early as possible.

New Service provider will take the approval from old service provider and the process will initiate from there. It takes around 4 – 7 days for completion of this procedure. In the mean time, your mobile number will be operative. Government has told that the MNP mobile number service should not be discontinued for more than 2 hours when some technical procedure will be completed by both service providers.

Current service provider will tell you the date and time when they will discontinue your number and the new service provider will start proving the service after porting your number.

Restrictions and limitations:
The only restriction is that you can change your operator without changing your number only within your current service area.


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